they say opposite attracts. is it true? we were different but same. but will it last? this is how Caleb fell in love in Lola


2. lost


next week

i sat in canteen Lola was sitting few tabled away. i couldn't get my eyes of her for hole week. more than i though that i cant like her like that i though of her,how beautiful she was and her personality was interesting. what was happening to me. we were like opposites. "i'm tired of him. i know what he did." Lola groaned. "hes total asshole you deserve better." Tasha said. "yeah, though i was so stupid that i believed him." Lola said. "Lola.please listen.." Logan said as he walked to their table. "uhg. Logan piss of. i'm tired of your shit." Lola groaned to him. "Lola." Logan begged. "leave me alone!" Lola raised her voice. "Logan,go away." Tasha snapped. "whatever i just wanted you for your body, i will go find someone else."Logan groaned and walked away. "that  guy is so full of it. ugh he disgusts me." Lola said. i was confused. how could someone slap that kind of shit right for your face? I mean. hell yeah. Lola had great body and she was clearly the most prettiest girl in school, but that was just so disgusting. if she would be mine i would have punched the shit out of that Logan dude, i was angry and it was shocking me 'cause fighting wasn't my thing. i knew i was strong but i didn't do fighting, but when it came to her, i would fight for her. where did these thoughts came from? 

"Cal?" Lola asked as the health class started. "yeah?" i asked. "can you show me the notes you did earlier 'cause i wasn't in school, yesterday." she said. "oh sure." i said. she sat next to me and i gave her my notebook. "why weren't you school?" i asked. "i was sick?" she said but it sounded like question. she was full of mysteries. "now class lets starts our new pair operation. i chose the pairs. you have to ask questions and get to know your pair and have to write text about your pair. "Nick you will be with Susan." Our teacher said. "and Caleb, you will be with Lola." she said. deep down i wished i would be paired up with her. i gave small smile to Lola. "heyyy pair!" Lola smiled. "so Lola when will you want to work with our project?" i asked as the school ended. "whenever you want to,its okay to me." she said. "today?" i asked. "okay. sure, your place?" she asked. "yep." i said. "okay cool, i will be at your place, i need to get home i will be later at yours." she said. "Okay,cool. see you." i said as we walked to different directions.at  home i cleaned my room, well it was clean already but i but things to their places. i heard the doorbell rang it was 6 pm.  Lola stood there. she was wearing leggings and her favorite sweatshirt. she told me earlier it was her favorite. "so do i ask first or?" she said as we sat on the floor in my room. "sure."i  said. she asked me questions about my family and hobbies,likes and dislikes and she made notes. then was my turn. "well, my parents are divorced. i live with my mum and her new boyfriend Max, i don't have any sisters or brothers.i like skating and i can play guitar and i also like drawing and i love animals."she said. "okay cool, your dislikes?" i asked. "uuumm. I hate racists and people who think they are better than everyone else with out knowing them. i don't like lettuce. i hate winter and snakes that's all  i can think." she said."okay, lets take a break." i said. "Okay." she smiled. "you want anything to eat?" i asked. "i'm okay." she said. "you don't want cookies? i promise they are delicious." i said. "Okay." she smiled. she walked in front of me. as she tucked hair behind her ear the sleeve of her shirt went down and i saw bruises on her wrists. "Lola?" i asked. she stopped and stood in front of me. "what are these?" i asked as i gently crapped her hand. and saw the pain full bruises on her arm. "who did this to you?" i asked. she looked me deep in my eyes and  bite her lip as she backed closer the wall. i took step closer and looked the bruises on her arm and she didn't say anything. "who did these?" i asked again and looked her. "no one." she said quietly. i could say she was lying. "i felled okay." she raised her voice. "don't lie to me. did Logan do these?" i asked. "no. it wasn't him. and why do you care?!" she said looking me. our breathing got heavier as we noticed how close we were to each others. "Caleb." she said calling me by my hole name not the nick name what she called me all the time. "i just care." i said. she looked me. before i realized what i did my arm wrapped around her waist pulling her closer to me and our noses were touching. i kissed her. she tasted sweet like strawberries.her lips were so soft and warm and totally addicting. she kissed me back but then few minutes later she pushed away. "we cant." she breathed looking me. "why not?" i said missing the feelings of her lips and trying to kiss her again. she put her hand on my lips. "no." she said. "i don't understand." i said. "Caleb i really like you..but." she said. "what? whats wrong?" i asked. "we can't!" she screamed and run away. the hole night i couldn't sleep. days went and she didn't talk to me then the day came when we had to read the text about the person who was our pair. she walked in front of class. "Caleb. likes sports.he has little brother and sister who he loves. his mum makes the best cookies.he has weird sense of humor, but its okay. he likes to go to their summer cottage with his parents and sisters and likes fishing with his father.he doesn't like smoking people or alcohol, he isnt sure what he wants to become when he grows up. he likes summer,strawberries and playing football.like you can imagine his life is perfect." she said. that one hit me. after that  she walked out the class. and the all i could do was run after her. "Lola wait!" i said. stopping her. she had tears in her eyes. "whats wrong." i said "nothing." she told. i wrapped my arms around her and kissed her again. she kissed me back. but why did she push me away every time. "stop." she sobbed. "i like you." i said. "i like you too." she said. "then what is it." i said. "we cant be together." she said. "why?" i asked. why did she say that? "you and i are too different." she said. "it doesn't matter." i said. "yes it does.i couldn't be with you, even if i wanted." she said. "why?" i said. "Caleb. i'm troubled. my life is big nasty mess, and yours isn't i don't want to mess your life." she said. "i don't care. i like you, i cant help my self. i don't care if we are different i still like you, and there is nothing going to stop that." i said. "i wish it would be so easy." she whispered. she kissed me one last time and walked out. out of my life. 


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