My brothers best friend


2. I'm Luke

I then ran to my room to get dressed and go downstairs to make breakfast I got some toast and just sat watching TV and a blond boy walked past and went into the kitchen "hey what are you doing" I said as he just looked at me "ashton left his phone down here the lazy git told me to come and get it have you seen it" the blond boy said as I looked around the kitchen "no what type of phone is it" I said "it's a black iphone" the blond boy said as I then spotted it next to the cooker "here" I said

"Thanks I'm Luke by the way" the blond boy said "oh hey Luke I'm Bethany" I said as like laughed "yeah I know who you are Michael sister he says your anoying" Luke said "well he can say that I'm his sister it's my job to annoy him" I said as I walked back to the living room to watch TV Luke walked past back upstairs "by the way I don't think your annoying" Luke said before he walked upstairs

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