My brothers best friend


3. cal

It had been a few weeks and I got to know all the boys ash was really nice he always made me laugh and was alit of fun to hang round with

Cal was such an idiot he just did the random and weirdest things I always ended up joining in for a laugh and then there was Luke who was quite but laughed a lot everytime I saw all of them they were doing weird stuff but I guess that's just them

Luke always looked at me and then at cal I didn't know what was going on but there was Somthing going on I just ignored it Michael invited me to judge a game they were playing he told me they kept screen watching basicly cheating so yeah I had to watch them "Bethany why don't you sit down" cal said so I did "have you ever played this game" cal said it was shooting and I didn't really know what was going on "no I never play games" I said as cal laughed and Luke looked at cal "dude shut up" Luke said as Michael told them all to shut up

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