My Best Friend

He was my best friend, we knew each other since young age then it all changed,with three words.......


3. Chapter Two

"So who knows, who killed Abraham Lincoln?" My teacher Mr.Peterson asked well also my uncle John he uses his last name when he is in the class room, but I make do with Mr. Peterson, so at family parties I accidentally call him that.


"John silke booth!" Brandon Johnson the school big jerk yells out.


"It's John Wilkes booth!"I yell back at him, he leans forward in his chair


"I would like to see silk on you, baby."He whispers in my ear and leans back in his chair again.


"Your right Alice Peterson."The teacher says right before the bell rings.

"We will be learning more about Abraham Lincoln tomorrow and about John Wilkes booth tomorrow."He says, as I am walking out the door Brandon grabs my wrist. 

"So when am I seeing you in the silk."He asks.


"How about February 30th." I reply and walking away because he only grabbed my wrist for a second,I walk out the school because history is my only class near the parking lots and I am so glad its my last class of the day.

I see Nathan at the car talking to Brandon's older brother Arthur, he has thick kind of long jet black hair, with deep dark blue eyes,and he is around 6 ft tall.


"So you are really gonna ask her out?" I hear Nathan say to Arthur.


"I might but I don't know I might, but she is kind of mean." Arthur replies, I walk up to Nathan's truck and put my bag in the passenger seat, and lean against Nathan's truck beside Nathan.


"Hey Alice." Arthur says.


"hey, Nathan we need to go I have a dentist appointment." I tell Nathan and hop into his truck.


"Okay, bye authur." And off we go.

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