My Best Friend

He was my best friend, we knew each other since young age then it all changed,with three words.......


4. Chapter Three

"So how was school?"Nathan asks.


"It was okay but Brandon Peterson wants to see me in silk and asked when I told him February 30 th."I say laughing.


"Good one,"he laughs out"if he bother you or anything just tell me."He says kind of seriously.

I get a text from my mom.


mom:Your dentist appointment is now cancelled I have a business meeting till twelve go over to Nathan's instead of heading home.


me:okay I'll stay there at eight I'll have Mrs.Robinson drop me off at home.


mom:okay see you around one,bye.




"Just take me to your house my dentist appointment is cancelled and my mom wants me to stay at your house till eight."I tell nathan as I see my house in a distance.

"Okay,I have a date tonight at seven so I can drop you off on my way to her house."He says I get a pang of jealousy for some reason



"What's her name?"I ask hoping its Elizia bear because they would have nothing in common.


"Jewlies."He responds as he pulls into his drive way.


"Who the heck has that name."I scowl as I get out of his truck and heads up his side walk.


"Alice, it's just a first date you don't even know her, and all we are doing is sneaking McDonald's in a movie."He says unlocking the door and I see Mrs. Robinson is not home nor is his brother and sister.


"She is getting you to sneak stuff in really wow I thought since your a believer and stuff  like me you wouldn't disobey authorities wow I guess you different than what I thought!" I yell by accident and plop my backpack on the coffee table.


"You do know me its just she has to be home by 9:00 to see her dad who is coming home from the army today so they are picking him up!" He yells back. Going down to the game room also known as the basement they have a Xbox one foose ball and table tennis and those basketball nets game where you see how many baskets you can get.


"Oh."I say."but your still not one to disobey authorities we all know you don't and how do even know your relationship will work."I say sitting down on one of their couches.


"Because she was a old friend were mainly just joining up again to see if we ciuld start a relationship." He accidentally shouts out getting frustrated.

"Well so what, fine how about I find a guy and I will see if you like me dating him."I say.


"This should be easy because I like everyone, but this should be hard for you."he says with a smirk on his face.


"Do we have a deal or what?"I say giving him this glare I can't explain. 


"Yes we do have deal."He says and gets a confused look on his face "Whats with that glare?"He asks.


"Ohh I don't know."I say sarcastically and I am still giving that glare.


"Nathan are you home?"I hear Trenton his brother yell and I hear some guys probably from his brothers football team.


"Yea Alice's mom needed alice to come here so she is to!" Nathan Yells up the stairs.


"Okay,Hey Alice."I see Trenton  wave as he is coming down the stairs with three of his teammates.


"Hey." I respond and see that Arthur is with him because he is also on the basketball team.


"I have to be right back."I say and head to the basement bathroom and use it because I had to change my tampon and when I was done I heard their front door open probably his mom.

I walk out of the bathroom,and see his mom rigut there.


" your mom, she got in a car wreck."Mrs.Robinson says.

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