My Best Friend

He was my best friend, we knew each other since young age then it all changed,with three words.......


2. Chapter One

I was getting ready as I heard a knock on my door.


"Alice, Hurry up we're gonna be late to school."I hear Nathan say behind my door.


"One minute Nathan. Has my mom left for work yet?" I ask because once she leaves I should have left already.


"Yes and if you don't get out in 5 mins I promise you when we get to school I'll pore orange juice and grape jelly all over you clothes." He threatened trying to make me hurry up so we can get to school.


"I know you wouldn't dare because I know all your deepest darkest secrets." I joke now putting in my tiger earrings to match my tiger print pants and white long sleeve.


"Yea, but you promised so I get to cut your tongue off." He jokes back,I finished gett ready by putting on my black converse. Then I run out my bedroom door, but I didn't think he was in front of door about to open it, so I accidentally ran into him


"I was about to go in there and kidnap you, and take you out to the car so we can get to school at least five minutes early, but late for someones detention."He says walking but slightly jogging down the hallway then out the door with his arm making my head feel like a arm rest.


"Well when you get here five minutes earlier than usual just to wake me up by pouring water on my head, I think it takes a while to dry it with a blow dryer so I can STRAIGHTEN IT." I say a little loudly getting in the passenger seat of his f150 ford truck.

We usually go mudding together but my truck is in the shop lately because my mom spilled coffee on the sound system. 


"I got some star burst yesterday."He says slightly moving the truck side to side on purpose while grabbing them out of his glove box and throwing them on my lap.


"Oh my gosh their mainly the pick one's oh my gosh thank you!" I say hugging him sideways, He hates starburst so if he ever gets them he gives them to me.


"Yea, coach gave everyone starburst or kit kats he gave me starburst obviously." He says laughing, He plays basketball like me but for a different team, but he plays longer in the season since they scrimmage alot More that my team does, I play for a Christian academy and he plays for our public school.


"Well since it's around Valentine's day I can see why there is so many pinks." I laugh out and pop one in my mouth. "So did you guys win?" I ask they went against white oak I think.


"Yea by one point so gkad we had the free throw." He says as we pull into the school parking lot.


"I'll be at your truck at three."I yell running to homeroom since I only have three mins and its on the other side of the school.

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