When Anna and her daughter Abby go to the mall and Anna sees Abby's dad will every thing change


7. reason

Anna's POV

"Liam the reason I don't tell you about Abby is because you broke up with me the day i was going to tell you!"

"Anna I'm..."

"No you don't talk" I shouted at him which scared Abby.

"Mommy,stop yelling!"Abby yelled

"I'm sorry baby I will."I said

"Like i said Liam you broke up with me so you blocked me so I couldn't tell you and since you were a jerk I blocked the rest of the boys so I couldn't accidentally tell them or let it slip"I explained

"Anna I'm so sorry but simon made me break up with you and date Danielle"Liam said

"Liam I'm done with you never talk to me ever again you will never ever be part of Abby's life EVER!!!!!"I said

"But an....."

"No I'm leaving!"

I started walking toward the door grabbing Abby putting her one my hip when she yelled

"Mommy mommy,I want big girl stuff!"

"We will get your stuff later Abby"

"Ok"she said happily


I'm sorry it toke so long and how short the chapter is but I has writers block and I need girlfriends for Zayn,Niall,and Louis.

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