When Anna and her daughter Abby go to the mall and Anna sees Abby's dad will every thing change


2. No Maybe Yes

Anna's pov

"No Abby is not your daughter Liam!"

Then Harry said " are you positive she is not Liam's"

"She is not well maybe" I blurted before I could stop my self

"Maybe what?" Liam looked at me with those cute brown. Wait did I just say cute,no no no not again.

"Fine yes she is yours Liam"

And with that I picked Abby up and ran to the kids bed stuff with Liam right behind me.

"Anna wait please tell me why you didn't tell me!"



Haha wait until the update and I am so sorry that I have not updated the app is being a meany but I will update after school on Thursday and Friday and can somebody who is a really big one direction Liam Payne fan be my co-author that knows how to do that I will have a contest

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