When Anna and her daughter Abby go to the mall and Anna sees Abby's dad will every thing change


1. mall

I looked at my daughter all dressed to go to the mall to get her a new closet and bigger clothes.

"Let's go mommy"said my 2 year old almost 3

"Ok let's go"


We arrived and there was something happening around the building I looked closer and saw Harry?why is he here?if he is here that means Liam is to.BAD!!! Liam will recognize me and ask who Abby is and get she will get scared. I relised that I was standing in the middle if the sidewalk I started to walk to the car but then Abby said,"what about the big girl stuff?"

"Fine but you can't get scared when we go though the crowd"

"Ok"she said with a happiness

We got to the door but guards where blocking it,it was Paul and dragon I missed them they where mine. I said,"hi Paul hi dragon!"

"Hello Anna nice to see you!"said Paul

Dragon just stood there.i waved my hand over his eyes and he looked at me and said,"oh I am so sorry I couldn't hear you over them nice to see you!"

"You guys to!"

Then I looked at them they where looking at Abby Paul asked,"who is this little one!"

"Oh I forgot this is my daughter Abby!"

"She is so cute,so you are married?"

"No I am not,not since him( Liam )"

"Oh so oh ok I will be quiet now are you coming in?"

Then Abby yelled,"ya where getting big girl stuff!"

"How cute here you go"

As he opened the door the boys looked and Liam saw me and Abby and ran to me a hugged me.i pulled him off and said,"what do you want Liam?"

"Anna I missed you!"

"Pft...ya right but I have stuff to do"

"Who's this"he said pointing to Abby

"My daughter now excuse me I have to go!"

"No who's daughter?"

"None of your bisness's daughter now move so I can leave!"

"Mommy who is he?"

"Nobody honey let's go get you some big stuff!"

"Ya let's go"

"Wait Anna is she mine?"

I looked at him and dragon was there,I am going to kill him

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