Heartbreak Girl

Kendall Clifford is the bad girl of the school. She does everything that she shouldn't do. What happeneds when her mother has had enough. And here's a weird twist...her brother in Micheal from 5 Seconds of Summer.

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2. You've Changed

"Kendall, its time to get- why does it smell like marijuana?!" My mother yells. Well that's a great way to start off the morning. She flashes the lights on and my head starts pounding. I put a hand to it as I groan in pain. "And you're hung over?! That's it young lady! Get cleaned up and get your ass down stairs so we can discuss this..." As she walks out I go get in the shower to freshen up. I will need all my strength for this conversation. I dry off and put my undergarments along with a pair of Michael's baggy sweat pants that I stole from him before he went on tour. Oh yeah...my brother is in 5 Seconds Of Summer by the way. And then I threw on a tank top. I mentally prepare myself for this conversation as I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen to grab a pop tart. I sit down in the living room and start to eat my pop tart as my mom starts talking to me. I ignore everything she says until one little thing catches my ear. "Wait, what did you say?" I ask, making sure I heard her correctly. "That's right. You are going on tour with the boys." I spit out the food that's in my mouth due the the shock of what I just heard. "No mom you ca-" "Its too late. I've made up my mind. Start packing we leave for the airport in 3 hours." I sit there still trying to make sense of what she just said. Then I get up and walk into my room as I slam the door behind me and I grab my phone to call Caroline and Jack.

~an hour and a half later~

I finally get off the phone with friends and I decide to get ready. I put on my make up and a cute outfit ( http://www.polyvore.com/partyyyy/set?id=115426811 ). I grab my suitcases so I can start packing. I take everything out of my closet and throw it all into the bags. It took 4 suitcases for all my clothes and shoes. I grab my laptop and the charger along with my phone charger and all of my things that I want with me on the plane and out them in my carry on bag that matches the rest of my Louis Vuitton luggage. It takes me a while but I finally get every down the stairs and into the car. Boy was it tough. "Are you ready?" My mother says in a very calm voice. I just nod my head. I take one more look at my house before I get in the car. I think of all of the memories I've had in this house. But I will be back...
The whole car ride all I do is stare out the window looking at the small town that I'm about to leave. Once we get to the airport my mother starts to cry. I don't. She was the one who is making me do this so its her fault. We hug and say our goodbyes before I walk into the security line and board my plane. I quickly text Michael letting him know that I'm on the plane. He and the other boy are picking me up. I used to be so close with the boys, everyday they would drive me to and from school then we would go to the cafe down the street. On the weekends or during their band practices they would let me hang with them and sometimes they would let me sing along to there songs. I used to sing all the time, but a lot has changed in the year that they have been gone. I turn the music on on my phone and slowly drift off to sleep listening to Blink 182. New York, here I come.

"Hun, were here." The lady next to me says. I open my sleepy eyes and sit up in my chair. I collect all of my things then stand up to grab my carry on from the compartment above. I walk off the plane and into the airport in search of the boys. "KENDALL!!" I hear, and I automatically know that it has to be the boys. I look around until I spot 4 crazy boys jumping up and down in weird disguises, that is definitely them... I run over to them and jump into Michael's arms. I let go and quickly hug the others. "Wow Kendall, you've changed...a lot." Micheal say to me and nod. I really have changed a lot in a year. I'm not the sweet innocent 15 year old girl that they used to know. I am now a wild and crazy 16 year old with a nose ring, my belly button pierced and about 8 piercings in each ear and I actually have boobs now. Not only have a changed physically, but I've also changed mentally and emotionally. I don't pay any attention to the rules. I fail school or I get kicked out, I don't listen to a word anyone says and I have wall built up higher than the Empire State Building. "I have to ask...what happened?" I shake my head. "Lets go get my bags." On our way to the baggage claim Luke walks up next to me. "So how are you?" He asks. "Descent. You?" "I'm good. You know, its really great to have you here. We all missed you so much. But I have to agree with Michael, you've changed. Like a lot." He says in a calm voice. "As have you." Which is true, he has. His hair is out of his face, he has a lip ring and he looks even more attractive. I've always had a little crush on him... We reach the baggage claim and I see my bags coming I take them off the conveyor belt one by one. "Perfect. One for each of you." I say with a smile on my face. The boys stand there in shock at how much I packed. It takes a while but we finally get everything packed in the car. Michael is driving and Calum is next to him so in the back its Luke, me and then Ashton. "We will head to the hotel so Kendall can drop off her closet." Michael says, which causes everyone including me to laugh. 
We drive for about 20 more minutes till we finally pull up to The Plaza, our hotel, and let me tell you it's gorgeous. I walk in with my eyes wide and my jaw to the floor. "Kendall you should close your mouth before you catch flies." Ashton laughs. We walk into the elevator and press the button for the top floor. We go up and up until the door opens. "Ken, you will have your own room. I trust that you are responsible enough to handle that? Am I correct?" My brother asks. I nod my head. The boys drag my bags to my room and Michael searches his pockets for the room key. "Aha!" He shouts and slides it into the door. It pops open and walk in to see a gorgeous suite with an amazing view. "We will let you settle in." They say as they leave. We won't be in New York for long so I'm not going to bother unpacking my bags. I pull out my speaker and blast some music. I few minutes later I hear knocking on my door. I walk over and look in the peep hole. I see the boys standing outside of my room. I open the door and let them in. "Can I help you?" I ask them. "Wow your music is really loud." Calum tells me, as if I didn't already know. "Do you have a problem with that?" I sass back. He doesn't reply. "Didn't think so. So when can I go shopping?" I ask. "Why don't we go right now. That way we can show you around the city at the same time." Michael replies. I grab my purse and phone as I head out the door. They  quickly follow behind.

~4 Hours Later~ (Sorry I didn't feel like writing everything in between)

"Ken, can we please go back to the hotel? My feet are killing me!" Ashton groans. I turn around and look at them. They each are hold about 10 bags, which are all mine. "Fine." I say as I wave down a taxi. We some how managed to stuff all the bags in the trunk. "So what are we doing tonight?" I ask them. "Well they have an awesome pool so I was thinking we could go swimming?" Cal asks looking at everyone for their sign of approval. We all nod. The taxi pulls up to the front of the hotel and we all pile out. The boys head to the trunk to grab all my bags.
We reach my room and the boys drop my stuff off and go their separate ways. "Be ready in 10!" Michael calls out before they leave." I walk over to my bags pulling out my swim suits trying to figure out which one I should wear. I try them all on trying to figure out which one makes me look the skinniest. I decided on wearing a black bikini with gold chains as straps. I walk down to the pool area and I see all 4 of the boys in the pool splashing around. I walk in with a towel wrapped around me not wanting to take it off. I've ignored my insecurities all day but they are starting to pop up again. Breath Kendall...Breath... I think to myself. Then I drop my towel. The boy (not including Michael) turn and stare at me. I walk over the the edge of the pool and sit down. Their eyes are still on me. "Get your eyes off my sister!" Michael yells. "Kendall Rose. I don't like you showing that much skin." He scolds. "We do." I hear one the boys mumble. I giggle. "Who said that!" Michael screams. Calum and Ashton run and Michael starts to chase them around the pool area. Luke climbs out of the pool and sits down next to me. "Have you had fun today?" He asks. I nod my head lay it on his shoulder. He wraps his arm around my waist and rubs my bare side. Then he stops and points at it. "Kendall? What are those?"


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