Heartbreak Girl

Kendall Clifford is the bad girl of the school. She does everything that she shouldn't do. What happeneds when her mother has had enough. And here's a weird twist...her brother in Micheal from 5 Seconds of Summer.

I also wrote this story on Wattpad btw!


1. What Did You Do?

"Ms. Clifford, you are expelled." The principal says me. "What, why?" I reply, well trying to figure out what I did wrong. "I've told you this before! Ridding your motor cycle through the halls is not acceptable!" Ah yes, that's what I did. "I will be calling your mother and you will not be welcome back to this school." Well shit...my mother is going to kill me. This is the 3rd school that I've been expelled from. I walk out of the school and run to my car. I open the trunk and grab the can of pink paint that I and used for my room. I take it and quickly run over, rip off the lid and dump it all over the principals car. This will teach him a lesson. I throw the can as I jump into my car and drive home.

        I slowly walk in the house hoping that Mr. Douly (the principal) hasn't called my mother yet. I tiptoe up the stairs and quietly walk to my room. "KENDALL ROSE CLIFFORD! Get down her right now!" Dammit! "Hi mommy." I say as I walk down stairs playing the innocent card. "Oh don't you 'mommy' me! What the hell were you thinking! This is the 3rd school that you have been kicked out of! I don't where to send you now! Military school?" "Nooo...I don't like to sweat. Plus I would break a nail or two." I interrupt. She points up to my room. I walk up to my room and close the door behind me. I grab my phone to see if I have any messages. I have 3 from my best friend Caroline and 2 from my friend Jack.

Caroline: OMG u were amaZAYN today!
Caroline: BTW what did Douly say?
Caroline: Ken u there?
Jack: Hey bae. Awesome job w/ the motorcycle;)
Jack: Party tonight at my place. Be there in 20!

Party tonight eh? I live for parties. I walk into my closet and grab my super short purple dress with loose with spaghetti straps. I put it on and walk to my mirror to do my hair and make up. I leave my long blonde hair stick straight and I load my make up on. I slip on my silver louboutins as I walk out of my room, out the front door and into my car. My mom was already fast asleep so I had nothing to worry about. I pull up to Jacks house and I walk in to see everyone dancing, drinking, smoking and making out. Jacks parties are huge and usually the whole school goes. "Want a drink?" I hear someone say from behind me. I turn around to see Jack standing there with an extra drink in his hand. I grab it down the thing. I feel the amazing burn in my throat. I walk into the basement and sit on the floor with a bunch of guys and they pass me a joint.

~2 hrs later~

I'm high as fuck and I've had way to much to drink. I feel someone out there hands on my waist. I start to grind on their hips. I hear a moan and I can tell that its jacks. I turn around and start to make out with him. "Lets get you home." He whispers into my ear. I slowly nod my head as he takes me outside to his car. He helps me get in and he buckles me up. Then I passed out.



Hello everyone! I hope that you like the story so far! I know that its short but whatever. It will get better I promise!!



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