her and i


2. first 5 months of school

Instead of telling u everything that happen in school, I'm just going to talk about the "good " st loluff. So it was during reading or some subject like that and before the first few months I started to talk to a girl. I'm saying girl because I asked can I put her name in the story and she said no. OK anyway the girl that I was talking to I started to relize that I liked her! So by the time I know it bells rings and we are dismissed to go home (love that feeling :). Later that day I told one of my best friends and her name is Cassandra. Also Cassandra has been my friend since 2 grade, she is the coolest girl I met and plays ps3(badass :).OK back on track, when I told cassy she was like I could already notice that u like her and when she said that I'm like well thats kind of awkward. So the next day of school I told Cassy to tell the girl that i like her, so when i asked her that she said OK sure I will (her and cassy are bffs).

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