The Zalfie Journals

Wondering how Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes met? Here is just another crazed fan's idea of how it happened. Disclaimer: None of this actually happened; it's just my imagination spilled into a fanfic! Don't take this all! :)


1. The First Video.

"Mother!" cried 18-year-old Zoella. "I'm off to make my very first videoooo!" 

Instead of getting the response from her mother, she heard an annoying but familiar voice chime in: "Zoella said I could be in the video!"

"Joe! Stop that! I never ever said anything of that sort -- I'm smarter than that!"

"Hey! Witch!"





"Ha! That's not even how you spell witch, you nutbrain!"

Their mother silenced them. "Zoella, you may make a video." Zoella gasped and clapped her hands with joy. "As long as you let your brother be in it." Her mother finished.

"Ha! Now who's the nutbrain?" Joe asked teasingly

Zoella sighed, frustration boiling up in her. "Still you."


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