Can you save me?


1. Save me?

I have always felt like I  was falling. Kind of like I was just a waist of space just their with out knowing why? I would float through the hall ways. No one could see cause no one cared enough to save me. I always felt so lost and alone. "Hey Honey how was your day?" My mom would ask when I walked through the door. I would smile and shrug. "It was okay I guess." Would be my response back to what she asked.  Then I would go up stairs and cry until my dad would come home. That is when all hell would brake lose before I could back to falling.

"HONEY IM HOME!!!" My dad would scream as loud as he could just to make sure that I knew it too. His breath always smelled of liquor  and he would only hurt me and mom for fun. To be honest I didn't see what my mom saw him. Bye the time he was done with me I would be falling a little bit faster then I was before. I never spoke to my dad when he would try to reach out to me. It just hurt me to much to speak. So I would stay silent and take the pain . I found my self waiting for the moment when  I would finally hit the bottom and the pain could finally end. I knew sadly that the day would never come.

The next day at school I tried to hid my face in hoodie. All the kids at my school would point and laugh at me. So one day I closed my eyes really tight as I sat out side of the school. It was cold and snowing out side. Then their I was siting in the snow crying my eyes out. That's when a hand reached out to me. I looked up at the hand but saw no face only darkness. That's when I heard her voice. "Why are you crying?" She asked me. I whispered back....

"Cause I'm scared."  "Why are you scared?" I looked up again at the hand and ounce again only saw darkness. "I'm scared because I'm afraid that I will never see the light cause I keep falling into the darkness." I heard her laugh. "Well you don't have to worry about that." I looked at her again. "Why not?" I heard her laugh. "Just grab my hand I'll show you." When I grabbed your hand you pulled me up. "Why did you save me?" You smiled at me said....

Only then I wake up from my dream and realize that I'm living in a night mare that is never going to end. In this Nightmare how ever no one is going to save me from the darkness.

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