Kings of teamcrafted

This story is about the people in teamcrafted being evil kings. Then one day, in king Sky's kingdom, Sky's little brother (I don't know if he has a little brother or not) Pete meets and is taken care of a nice girl named Roseline for a day. When The kings, including Sky, finds Pete they meet Icest. What will happen? Will she be punished ? Or will the evil kings become good?


2. the search

(Hey guys hope you like this story. Enjoy. Sorry for the short chapter/story.)

Icest POV

"Hey I heard you and Sky meet earlier. Are you ok?  did he hurt you?" Becky, my closet friend,  asked me. "He did hurt me, but I'm ok ." I answered. "Excuse me have you seen my little bro..." Sky asked me before I turned my head, " Oh its you. Have you seen my brother? He ran away when we got to the castel." "Your brothers not here now leave us alone!" Becky yelled.

"Do not talk to me like that! And for that you shall be exucuted. Take her gaurds!" Sky demanded. As Becky was taken away into a carriage for prisoners sky and the other kings dragged me to the forest. They pinned me to a tree.  "Now tell us where my brother is or you'll end up like your friend." Sky theatend. "I told you I don't know where he is but I'll help you find him." I said. He let go of me. We split into groups. I was with king sky and king ty.

We went to the hangout area where we found Pete. "Pete!" Sky yelled as he hugged Pete. Ty grabbed me to make sure we hid behind a tree. We watched Pete and sky reunite. Ty then grabbed me and we headed back to the village. "How are you able to make Pete happy I mean he has never been this happy before." Ty asked me.

"Icest  stay back he dangerous." Kenneth yelled. "Who is this, brat?" Ty asked. "Ty this is my little brother, Kenneth. And Kenneth be nicer." I said. "Hey kid do you like it if anyone likes or hurts your sister?" Ty asked. "Let's go Kenneth." I said as we walked back to our house *cough cough mansion*.

Sky's  POV  

"Pete don't run away ever again your the last person I have as family. Ok?" I said worried. "Really than why don't you let  me  hang out with Icest? She really fun to hang out with and she's the nicest girl in town." Pete whined. "OK fine but I will put on a disguise and get to know this 'nice' girl. Ok?" I asked. "OK and if you think she is a good person than you have to let me hang out with her. Deal?" Pete said. "Deal." I answered.  

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