Kings of teamcrafted

This story is about the people in teamcrafted being evil kings. Then one day, in king Sky's kingdom, Sky's little brother (I don't know if he has a little brother or not) Pete meets and is taken care of a nice girl named Roseline for a day. When The kings, including Sky, finds Pete they meet Icest. What will happen? Will she be punished ? Or will the evil kings become good?


3. The Disguise

(Hey hope you like this story and go check out my other story if you hadn't already. Anyway enjoy!)

Sky's POV  

~the next day~

"Hey... Seto can you make me a diquse with your magic?" I asked. "Sky I told you I might be the last magic user and with great power comes with great responsibility." Seto replied.  "I know, I know but please with the disquse I can protect my brother." I begged. "This is the last time." Seto says. Seto than got a card. The card had spells with disquses in them. "I soumon the!" Seto enchanted. Sky then had a dirty white collar shirt and a brown wool like jacket and on the bottom were long, brown, wool like pants. His hair had been cut smaller and it was messy.

"Wow you look totally different." Seto complimented, "Let's go show the others." We walked into the thrown room where everyone was at. "Hey guys! I gave sky a disque does it look great?!" Seto asked. "You look like a peasant, great job with the disquse seto!"  Jerome said. "Let me explain why I'm dressed like this. Well I'm going to spy on Icest for pete's protection." I explained.

"No you're going to spy on her because you like her." Jerome mocked. "I do not!" I defended. "Well you won't be able to get with her if you do. Her bratty little brother, Kenneth doesn't want anyone near her. He killed some random guy for flirting with her." Ty said. "How do you know?" Kermit said sternly. "While you were talking to Pete he kicked my ass for flirting  with Icest." Ty explained.

"Hahaha!" everyone laughted. "Hey he was using a metal rod!" Ty whinned. "No matter I will still spy on her." I said determined. "Actually I agree with Ty. Kenneth is an assassin including Icest." Kermit explained. "Well tomorrow I'm going to spy on her." I said.

~the next day~

I woke up in my room and I looked messier than ever. I combed my hair and it looked nice but still messy. After I got ready I went to the village. "Hey look at this poor ass boy, guys!" A random guy yelled. Then a group of guys came and started to punch me. "Hey what are you doing!" A fimiliar voice yelled after a minute of them punching me.

They all stopped to look at the person. It was Icest. "Oh h...hi Icest." The guy said nervously. " "How many times do I have to tell you to stop your bothering  others!" Icest yelled angerly. "Not until we can go on a date." The guy answered. "I don't think so now run before I kick your ass like I did last time." a little boy threatened. They all ran.

"Hey sorry about them. Are you ok?" she asked. "Yeah I think." I answered. She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "Can you walk?" Icest asked. I tried to walk but I kept limping. "Here let me help you." Icest said as she put my arm over her shoulder. "Are you OK sir?" kids asked me. "Hey sorry but can we hang out tomorrow I have to help him ok?" Icest asked. "Ok!" the kids said.

"Here let's go to my house." She suggested. She got into a carriage with her brother and I. I fell asleep and I think I fell asleep on Icest because I felt a kick on my injured leg. It stung and I tried not to scream. "Hey umm were here." Icest said as she softly woke me up. Her butlers helped me up into the house or mansion. "Here let me help you with that." Icest said as she healed my leg.

"Before you say anything don't freak out." She said. "Don't worry I'm just amazed that I know another person who could use magic." I said. "Wait you know someone who uses magic?!" Kenneth yelled. "Uh yeah." I said. "Oh I almost forgot, my names Icest and this is Kenneth, my little brother." she introduced. "Well my names umm... Francis." I lied.

"We could talk more later but you should get some sleep." Icest said as she laid me down on the bed. "Thanks Icest." I said. She left the room and I let out a huge sigh. "Hey you better not get to close to my sister." Kenneth threatened. "Why don't you want anyone to be with your sister?" I asked. "Because she the only family I got and if you dare hurt her I will kill you." Kenneth answered. "I know how you feel kid. I have a little brother and he's also the only family I have. I thought I never let him go but you have to one day. It's hard to let go but I can't keep him to myself." I said as flashbacks of Pete came into mind.

"You know your not that bad. OK I will stop being over protective." Kenneth said. "Then I will do the same." I said. I went to sleep.

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