Kings of teamcrafted

This story is about the people in teamcrafted being evil kings. Then one day, in king Sky's kingdom, Sky's little brother (I don't know if he has a little brother or not) Pete meets and is taken care of a nice girl named Roseline for a day. When The kings, including Sky, finds Pete they meet Icest. What will happen? Will she be punished ? Or will the evil kings become good?


4. The Attack

(Hey guys hope you like this story!)
Icest  POV  

~next day~

"Fransis  are you ok?" I asked. He moaned and slightly opened his eyes. "Oh yeah I'm ok." he replied. "Well were going to the village. Do you want to come?" I asked. "That will be fun." Fransis said with a smile. We got ready and went into the carriage.

~at the village~

We got out of the carriage. "Run ahead Kenneth." I said. "What do you normally do here?" Fransis asked. "I forgot your new here. Well I normally help people in need." I asnswered. "Is that a lie?" Fransis asked. "Well it is somewhat." I answered. "HELP... HELP!" someone yelled. A bandit in all black ran with the strangers purse. I ran in front of him and kicked him in the gut.

He dropped the purse and I gave it back to the stranger. "Thank you, thank you Icest." I smiled and said, " Your welcome." Fransis tied the bandit up and unmasked him. "Who are you? And why are you stealing from this lovely  lady?" Fransis asked. "Ugh let me go!" the bandit yelled.

"Thank you sir but let him go." A guard said. Fransis let go of the bandit and gave him to the gaurd. "You will die today." the gaurd said as they headed towards the upright jerker, the thing used to hang people. In front of the upright jerker were the kings of teamcrafted and innocent people who were forced to watch.

"Come on and watch." the guard said as he made us watch the death of the bandit that we cought. "I'm so sorry." I said to the bandit as walked by and onto the stage. "Why are you apologizing?" Fransis asked. "I'm feel sorry I caused his death." I answered. "Oh." he said. "I...I can't watch." I said as the bandit was hung. As he was hanging I hugged Fransis and clutched onto his shirt.

He patted me. "It's ok don't worry. Let's go somewhere else." Fransis said. "Yeah I have to watch some kids anyway." I said as we walked to where the kids I watched waited. "Hey guys!" I said with a fake smile. "Hi Icest!!!" Pete yelled. "Pete what are you doing here? Didn't your brother say..."  I said before he inturupted. "No he said to not see you again but he never said when." Pete said. "Pete just go home ok." I said. "OK sorry if I caused you trouble." he said as he walked away sadly. "Hey Pete do you want to eat first?" I asked. His face light up. "Yeah I love to." he answered.
"OK let's all go to our hang out spot then we will have some snacks, ok." I said. "OK. Yay!" The kids yelled. "Frans is are you ok? You look mad." I asked. "I'm OK let's go." He said.

~walks to hang out spot in the forest~

"Kenneth." I said. "OK I'll get it." Kenneth said as he kicked the tree. My bow and bag of arrows fell. Before the bag of arrows fell I was able to get it around my back and grab one arrow. With the bow I grabbed it with my hand while the bag of arrows went around my back. I pulled back on the string and shot it. "Wow." the kids said at awe. My arrow hit the target and was able to get 5 apples.

"That was amazing. How did you do that?" Fransis asked. I ignored him and retrieved the arrow. I took the apple that I caught off of the arrow. I cut the apples into pecies and severe them to the kids and Fransis. "Bye Icest I have to go now." Pete said. "Bye pete!" I said as he walked back to the village.

"OK now let's have some fun!" I said. "Umm Icest I have to go." Fransis said. "Ok, bye." I said. "Hey dude look what I found." some guy in all black said. Another guy in black said, "Wow some kid, a guy, and a hot chick." "Who are you?" Fransis asked. "I'm the bandit's brother." he answered.

"You mean the guy we caught?" Fransis asked. "Yes and now I want my revenge." he said. They came closer to us. One held an axe and the other held a sword. "Kids stay back. Kenneth help protect them and get the..." I ordered as I he got me my bow and arrows, including my sword. "Aww look the girl thinks she can beat us. Let's show her what we got." One of the bandits said.

"Here let me help." Fransis said as he leaped in front of me. I gave him the sword. The bandits charged at us. Fransis cut both of them, then punched one of them in the face. Once he did that I shoot both of them in the left leg and in the right arm. They screamed in pain. "Run." Fransis threatened.

They ran away. "Are you ok, kids?" I asked. "Yeah. That was scary. But you and Fransis were awesome!" They said. "I guess we were. Don't tell your parents what happened." I said. "Ok." They answered. "Well I know we hardly had fun but we have to go back to the village the exucution is almost over." I said. "Aww ok." The kids said as they went back to the village.

"Hmm they're right we do make a good team." Fransis said. "Yeah, I guess so. Hey don't you have to go somewhere?" I asked. "Oh yeah. It could wait." He said. We started to walk to the village. "Hey Icest, why do you act nice when your more then that?" Fransis asked. "What do you mean?" I asked. "I mean I know your not just the nice girl who helps everyone. You have to be rebellious in some way." he said. "Your right." I said. "What made you this way, then?" Fransis asked.
"My family did." I answered. "Did they force you or did they ask you?" Fransis asked. "I was told to by my father before he and my mother left me with 2 month old kenneth." I answered. "I'm sorry but if it makes you feel better I had a little brother too. But he and my family hate me." He said. "Wow I'm sorry. I'm sure they will forgive you for whatever you did."I said. "I'm doubt it. All of them were killed by the old king. But my little brother is still alive." Fransis said.

"Well things will get better for you. It did for me." I said. "And what do you mean by that?" He asked. I stopped walking and he did too. "Well between you and me, before my family left me with kenneth I was an assasin. Don't tell anyone please." I said. He came close. "Don't worry I wont. Now continue please." he said as he lifted my head up. "Well I stopped being an assasin and started to care for others. Now I have everything I ever wanted." I said.

Fransis smiled. "But there are somethings that bugs me." I said. "Really, what is it?" He asked. "I can't say." I said sadly. "Come on you can tell me anything." Fransis said. He lifted my head again and pecked me on my lips. I started to blush and kissed back. "Now what's wrong?" Fransis asked. "This is wrong." Seto said. "What are you doing here?" Fransis asked. "Spying and I need to talk to you about something." Seto answered. "Wait you know him?" I asked. Fransis nodded his head. My heart just broke into so many peices.

I ran towards the village. "Icest are you ok? What happened?" Kenneth asked. I ignored him and went into the carriage, which took me home.

Sky's POV  

"What the heck seto!" I scolded him. "I made sure you don't fall in love again." Seto answered. "Why!?" I asked. "Because we are about to be under attack by Icest's father, the White king." Seto answered. "What! But...but her father left her and Kenneth alone. I'm pretty sure she doesn't want anything to do with..." I said trying to defend her. "Well her father left her because she was supposed to spy on us and kill us so that's why she will be killed by assasins once she gets home." Seto inturupted. "What we have to stop them!" I screamed.

Icest's POV
The carriage stopped in front of my house. I got out and ran for the door. I stopped after hearing someone stepping on a twig. "Who's there?!" I yelled. "Damm she found us." A guy who looked like an assasin. I took out a sword that was hidden behind some flowers in front of the house. "Stay back." I said. "Aww she's going to be easy to kill." another assasin said. "Not if I kill you first!" I said as I cut his head off. Five more assasin came out and surrounded me.

I said some enchantments and my sword became black with a red line between and my clothes changed into my old red and black assasin outfit. They all smiled and attacked. One charged at me and I punched him in the gut and stabbed him in the heart. The others charged at once and I doged  them all. After I did that I sliced three of them in the back. Eventually they died. There was one more left. He threw his sword on the ground. I threw my sword at him and he dogged it. Once he dogged it I ran up to him and punched him in the face when he got up.

I grabbed him by the neck. "Who sent you here!?" I asked. "Why should I tell you?" He asked. "Because I can kill you if I want! Now tell me!" I yelled as I banged his head on the floor. "Fine I was sent here by one of the kings, seto." He answered. My eyes turned red with anger. I let him go.

He snuck up behind me and put a dagger under my neck. "You should have killed me when you had the chance." He said. I bit him and he dropped the dagger. I grabbed the dagger and tried him. He tripped me and I fell on top of him. I grabbed the dagger and put it under his neck. He smiled and was able to pin me on the floor. The dagger was still in my hand and I tried to stab him but it wouldn't work.

"Stop!!! Don't kill her!" Fransis yelled as seto came behind him breathless. The assain was distracted so I head bumped him and cut his throat with the dagger. "I don't ever want to see you again!" I yelled as I ran away. He ran up to me and grabbed me by my waist. "But I want to see you." he said breathless. I pushed him away and he grabbed me again.
"Icest I love you and nothing would change that. But I won't force you to love me back. So there is a mascaraed ball on friday. If you love me  you will go and try to find me. If you are forced to come don't find me. And if you don't love me at all don't come." Fransis said. "Oh and my names not Fransis. My name is Sky." he continued and let go. I went into the forest and he walked back to the village with seto.

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