Kings of teamcrafted

This story is about the people in teamcrafted being evil kings. Then one day, in king Sky's kingdom, Sky's little brother (I don't know if he has a little brother or not) Pete meets and is taken care of a nice girl named Roseline for a day. When The kings, including Sky, finds Pete they meet Icest. What will happen? Will she be punished ? Or will the evil kings become good?


1. The execution

(Hello I'm endermob123 and I hope you like story anyways enjoy!)


Sky's (skydoesminecraft) POV

"Come on Pete were going to the village." I say as I fix my crown. "Why do I have to go Sky?" Pete asked sleepy. "Its execution day and I want to demonstrate to you how to punish people today. Ok?" I answer. "But I don't want to punish people. I want to make friends." Pete complained. " execution day you will learn ok." I said strictly. "Yay thanks Sky!" he exclaimed. "Well let's go." I said as we walked into the carriage.


~in the town~


"Hey Sky why is your brother here?" Seto (setosorcer) asked. "He's going to make friends at the village." I answered. "Yeah and I can't wait to make friends!" Pete yelled. "Ok but don't you think he should be friends with rich and royal people not peasants?" Jerome (asfjerome) asked. "To late now we're already here," I said, "Pete don't get hurt ok." "I promise I won't." he said.


Pete's POV


I was running around then I saw a group of kids my age talking in a group . I walked up to them and said, "Hi." "Oh hi. Do I know you?" one of the kids asked. "I'm Pete. And no I don't knows you. Who are you?" I introduced myself. "I'm Kenneth." the kid answered. "Why are you all standing here?" I asked. "We are waiting for our friend, Icest." Kenneth said.


A minute later a beautiful teenaged girl with brown hair and a red dress walked up to us . "Hello everyone. How are you doing today? And who is this?" She asked. "I'm Pete." I said. "Well hello Pete I'm Icest. And are you new here or are you lost, Pete?" Icest asked. "I'm hanging out here until the execution is over." I answered. "Ok do you want to come with us? I tell stories, sing songs, and play games." Icest said. "Yeah, ok." I said.


~execution over~


"Wow that was fun. Do you do this all the time or is it only for today?" I asked as we walked out of the forest where we hung out. "I do this all the time. You can say im a babysitter but I hang out with kids to make them happy not for money." Icest explains. "Ok were here now bye walk home safely!" she said to everyone as they went home."Pete there you are!" Sky said as he ran up to us with his friends. "Hi Sky!" I said with a smile. 


"Who are you and what are you doing with my brother?!" Sky asked Icest fiercely. "Don't hurt Icest! I was just hanging out with her and some other kids." I said. "So your names Icest. Well Icest, what we're you doing with my brother!" Sky yelled at Icest even more. "I was just reading and singing to him and some other kids I babysit." Icest said as she was being cornered by my brother and his friends.

"Sky stop I didn't get hurt and Icest didn't do anything wrong she just took care of me when you were at the execution." I said as I hugged his legs so he would stop. He gave an evil glare at Icest and grabbed her by the neck. "If I ever see you near my brother again I will kill you." Sky threaten Icest. As he backed off I ran up to Icest and asked, " Are you ok?" "Yes I'm fine." she answered while trying to stand up.


Sky looked at me and walked towards the carriage. "Bye Pete." Icest said as she walked away. We were all watching her be crowed by others who were asking if she was ok. Meanwhile we started to go into the carriage.


Sky's POV


The way Pete protected Icest kept making me angrier. And I don't know why. "Was I jealous at the girl who somehow managed to make my brother happy?" I kept asking myself. Then Pete protected the girl by hugging my legs which he would never do when I was in trouble. It made me so angry. I grabbed the girl by her neck and said, " If I ever see you near my brother again I would kill you." I let go and walked towards the carriage with so many questions in my mind. 


I looked out the window and saw lots and lots of people around Icest or the random girl. I turned around to the sound of the carriage door opening. "What is wrong with you Sky!!! You almost killed my first friend!!!" Pete yelled at me. Seto and the other teamcrafted members looked at me. The whole way to the castle Pete pouted and didn't talk to me at all. When we got to the castle. He walked strait to his room without saying a word.


"Well he's mad at you Sky." Quentin (husymudkipz) said. "I know and its been a while since he was mad at me." I said. "You know that girl, Icest was it, really was popular. All those people crowed her when you left." Jason (minecraftuniverse or truemu) said. "Sky are you jealous of Icest?" Seto asked. "What no. Why would I be jealous of Icest. She's a peasant  who I could have killed today." I said. "Actually she's not a peasant." Kermit (kermitplaysminecraft) said. "How do you know?" I asked.


"Well I meet her before. And plus she's not a peasant she's the daughter of the riches person in town." Kermit explained. "Wait you meet her before?" I asked. "Well yeah one day I was walking in the forest to relax and assassin tried to kill me, but luckily she was there to help save me. And I didn't notice it was her until now." Kermit said.


"Ha you had to be saved by a girl." Jerome mocked. "Hey I was defenseless." Kermit tried to defend himself. "Well anyways let's just hope we don't meet her again." I said. "Meet who King Sky? If it's a girl that's good news." Nanny McCain asked. "Oh some cute girl. Who was hanging out with Pete." Seto answered. "Oh tell me everything." McCain asked. "Well it's a girl named Icest..." Kermit tried to explain but was interrupted by McCain. "Did you say Icest? Oh I meet her before. Such a sweet girl, always helped others. " McCain said. "How do you know Icest, McCain?" Ty (deadlox) asked.


"Well first off her names Roseline and I think she's your age. Anyways I gave her the nick name Icest because she was the nicest person I ever meet. Well when her mother died I took care of her. She had a rich but very depressed father who she tried so hard to make happy. You know I think you might have a chance of getting with her." McCain explained. "So your saying before you came her to take care of my brother you took care of her right?" I asked. "No she was the first child I ever took care of as a nanny." McCain answered.


"Wow." Mitch ( bajaincanadian) said. "Yes indeed. Sky go and apologize to your brother he's really mad about what you did." McCain said. I got up and walked to Pete's room. *knock knock* I opened the door to see an empty room, open window, and a rope heading out of the window. "Oh no." I said. I ran to where everyone was at. "Guys! Pete ran away!" I screamed in panic. "What!!!" McCain said jumping out of her chair, " we have to look for him!" she panicked.


"I think he's looking for Icest. Why that...that" I said. "Hey calm down let's go look for him." McCain said. We all went to the village. It was 6 o'clock and we couldn't find Pete. Then I saw someone familiar. Icest.







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