Found........ ✖L•H✖

This is what happens when a mother lies..........


1. Who Knew ( brecs p.o.v)


-Ally!!!- i yelled at my sister. she turned around giggling,"what.." i took in a deep breath. "" she takes out my diary from behind her back "this?" i look at her with my are-you-really-giving-me-that-act-face-look. "Yes that" my mom walk out."Allison if you don`t give it back i`m showing everyone at your school your "special tampons" my mom says smirking. She gets red-faced and throws my diary across the room. i run to it and clasp it tightly in my hands. "Brec....Ally can you guys sit for a minute...." my mom says worriedly. We look at each other "IT WAS HER FAULT!!!"we yell pointing at each other like 12 year olds."No its my fault i should have told you when it happened..." her voice trailed off. Ally & I sit on the couch & stare anxiously at our mother. Did she get cancer and had only # months left to live? are we in debt and have to move half way across the globe? many terrible thoughts roar through my brain. Mom takes a long intake of breath " Brec dont go hard on me & Ally dont get too exited.... you both have an older brother we thought id be best to seperate (a/n i cant spell XD) you..." Who Knew...... 






                -A/N ok so this is my first story and crap its probably shit right now but like if you like:)

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