Found........ ✖L•H✖

This is what happens when a mother lies..........


2. Meeting Pt 1. ( brecs p.o.v)

 - so apperantly i have a brother who ive never met well we ( ally and i ) have never met. today we get to meet him his names calum? i say that in more as a question because ive heard his name once. he has a band. i have no i dea what to say now. its currently 4:36 and hes coming at 5:00. mom is all jittery and freaking out, Ally  is puttting on make up (excessive much) , and me well im just on twitter looking at random shit.

@Calum5sos- im going home to meet my little sisters havent seen them in years yay!

wait he knows about us then why didnt we know about him..... i look at my mom " Mom? our brother ..... does he know about us ?" i ask as if i didnt know. she looks at me and shakes her head "No....." .FUCKING LIAR!!!!!  " Oh ok then why did he just say that he did. ( she looks at me pale faced and a tears escapes her eye).... you know there are ways we could talk to each other" Ally comes out of the bathroom, looking alll caked up i dont know why she likes to wear so much make up.  i get up and walk to my room " Brec where ya' going" i glare at Ally "Some where ......where i know about people and people know about me" she looks at me confused and i slam my room door.  i get on twitter and tweet-

@B.Hood- Hating mom rn cuz she just told @a.hood and me bout our big bro  and lied (angry emoji)



                   A/N- so its still pretty much shit anyways like comment fav whatever i will update as many times a week as i can BYE!!!!

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