Found........ ✖L•H✖

This is what happens when a mother lies..........


3. Meeting part 2 : Welcome home? (Calum P.O.V)


" Relax mate your freaking out its gonna be fine" Micheal tell me as i play with my wristbands. A sign im nervous. "think so?" i ask he nods his head. Micheal and i were sharing a hotel so i asked is he could come with me 17 years a go i was moved from my little sisters & i havent seen or talked to them since i didnt really know anything about them other than their names. Brec & Ally. We arrive at the house just as i hear a door slam. Mike & i walk out of the car & head toward the door. I hesitate to knock on the door. I mentally count 1....2....2 & a half....2 & a quarter.....3 *knock knock* A girl with eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara... basically she caked her face with make-up so i could bare tell if she was human or a barbie doll. She raises a brow & yell over her shoulder " A'MA!!!" spanish? A short woman around her 40's come out behind her and smiles. "Calum come in.." she says opening the door more. Mike & i walk in & my mum in gulfs me in a hug. The other girl stands their a little awkwardly. I let go of mum & stick out my hand to the girl "Calum..." she takes a while then takes it " Allison or Ally for short" we smile at each other "Dont i have another sis?"

"oh shes in her room being stubborn..." mum says. Ally run/jogs upstairs to Brec, im assuming.


                                                                           A/N- im bored sooooo here ya go


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