Young, wild and free

Cecilia, Lydia (sisters), Justin and Toby. 4 very close friends at the age of 19, spending most of their time going clubbing and having sex.

Cecilia and Justin have been together for 2 years and Lydia and Toby, 3 years.

They all go to the same college and never listens to any teacher or parent.


1. Prologue





Willams sisters:

Lydia, 19 and dating Toby

Cecilia, 19 and dating Justin


Justin and Toby are room mates in college while the Cecilia share room with a nerd and Lydia shares room with a "nobody"

The Williams sisters rule the school and are ofcourse popular because of their gorgeous faces and their hot boyfriends. Every girl in college wants to have their life.


This is the clearly cuteish, sexy looking Justin, who's dating Cecilia

And here, Toby who's dating Lydia. He's the funny, sexy looking one


Justin and Toby only have eyes for their girlfriends and won't hesitate to spoil them with flowers and a dinner out. None of them take school serious, they'll rather get drunk or have a hot date in bed with their girlfriends.



If you're 16+ and a Justin Bieber, Austin Mahone or Kendall fan you should like, comment and fave because this will get much better, I PROMISE :))) 

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