Young, wild and free

Cecilia, Lydia (sisters), Justin and Toby. 4 very close friends at the age of 19, spending most of their time going clubbing and having sex.

Cecilia and Justin have been together for 2 years and Lydia and Toby, 3 years.

They all go to the same college and never listens to any teacher or parent.


3. Chapter two


Chapter two



They all went out the door to meet up and go to the club.


Toby saw Lydia and smiled, "hey babe, I missed you".

"aw, I missed you too"

Cecilia ran to Justin and jumped up to hug him and kissed his neck. "did you miss me, handsome?", she winked at him. "ofcourse I missed you princess. I miss your moves in bed even more", he grinned.

"babe! We're in public", Cecilia said shocked. "Siiiis, come on when did that scare you?".

"lets go in guys", Toby said.



When they got inside, the club was stuffed with people.

"Go dance girls, we'll order some drinks for you", Justin said and kissed Cecilia.

Lydia took Cecilias hand, "come!". "where are we going?"

In the bathroom they checked themselves in the mirror.

"Cecilia, I think Toby is cheating on me with the blonde from his french. Since this tuesday he's been passing her notes and shit". Lydia starts to cry.

"What the fuck, why didn't you tell me before we went here? I'll talk to Justin about it and I'm telling him we're leaving", Cecilia rushed out of the bathroom.

She looked around to find Justin. She found him at the bar and sat next to him.

"Can we talk?", she smiled. "yes ofcourse babe, what's up?"

"not here, let's go outside and smoke"

He walked just behind Cecilia, looked back at Toby and shrugged.

As they stood there and smoked, she spit out, "Lydia thinks Tobys cheating on him, what the fuck?!"

Justin shook his head and looked to the ground and looked up at Cecilia again.

"I knew it, you're trying to hold a hand over his head, we're leaving Justin" 


a little bit of drama... hope you like it.

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