Young, wild and free

Cecilia, Lydia (sisters), Justin and Toby. 4 very close friends at the age of 19, spending most of their time going clubbing and having sex.

Cecilia and Justin have been together for 2 years and Lydia and Toby, 3 years.

They all go to the same college and never listens to any teacher or parent.


2. Chapter one



Chapter one



Cecilias P.O.V

*Buzzzzz* I looked at my nightstand, where my phone were vibrating. "Who could call me now at 10pm?" I thought to myself.

I rolled my eyes as i checked my phone, "Lydia? Why is mom calling at 10pm?" I heard her footsteps from the bathroom. "No idea, just call her back and tell her we're going out"

I unlocked my phone and called her back.

"Hi hunny! Are you coming over tomorrow? I asked Lydia, but she's hanging out wi..."

I fininshed her sentence, "with Toby, I know and I'm hanging out with Justin, Lydia and Toby tomorrow"

"Ok then, did you do your homework today?"

"really mom? We're going out tonight, I don't have time right  now"

I hung up before she even got to reply and threw my phone onto the bed.

"She asked if we were coming over tomorrow", I giggled, looking over at Lydia, then we started laughing.

"It's friday mom, duh", Lydia laughed.


Toby and Justins P.O.V

"hey dude! Did you talk to the girls about tonight?", I gave Justin a manly hug and asked.

"Yeah, they're getting ready now and they'll wait for us at Mojo's at 11pm"

They opened their closet and found the tighest gear and put on and smirked at eachother. "Oh, you found butterflies for us? Cecilia totally dig it", Justin laughed.

"Ofcourse I did man", I laughed back.


 Cecilias outfit:

Lydias outfit:



short chapter, I know. and it will get better I promise! :D

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