It Started In A History Class.

The blurb is the first part of the story :-)...


2. Chapter 1.


"Okay class, today we are working with partners. I choose who you are with, but first, I'll explain the project. History starts when people meet - who they meet -  and it takes off from there.

 So, if you were to meet your polar opposite and have a conversation, how would it go? Would you end up in a verbal dispute? Or maybe you would just hate each other? Or would you see that you are alike?

That is how History started.

In this project, you will get paired with your polar opposites, talk to your partner about yourself, and of course have some fun!"

Oh god, I'm gonna get partnered with some jerk that hates me! Maybe they wont be so bad, maybe they are nice....

"Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles." I tune back in when I hear my name being called.

"So I guess we're partners," A deep voice says from behind me, causing me to flinch and cower into my seat. "I'm Harry. Nice to meet you." He sticks out his hand, offering it for me to shake- which I politely respond to before motioning for him to sit.

Once Harry is seated he smiles before stating, "Hi. Louis right?-I nod- I know you don't talk, but maybe you can write on paper, or email?" He's actually trying to communicate with me? didn't expect that usually they just dump it all on me...

I pull out a blank piece of paper.

Hi, Harry. I'm Louis, I guess both of those things work, but are you sure, that is a lot of effort and emailing.

"Yeah, we have to communicate somehow right? Beside. I want to get to know you."

Thanks for reading guys. I hope it was good, but seeing as it is 4:35 Am, it probably isn't. I'll try to updsate soon! Bye

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