So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


11. you,you like me?

Ashton POV

i followed her running then i reached her hand and pulled her in front of me and kissed her lips and ugh i don't feel anything

"See I'm not gay" i said after i pulled away

"I want to slap you badly"she said

"And whys that?!" I asked confused

"Well first honey this kiss meant nothing to you secondly i know that you and Michael kissed i know you have feelings for him and i also know your denying it"she said my eyes widen

"How the fuck do you know about the kiss " i asked angry

"Well lets just say that jake is sort of my umm" she said

"Your what" i yelled at her

"My brother"she said

"What is that suppose to mean"i said

"Oh my Gosh your so dumb" she said i looked at her confused

"Okay here what happen jake took the pictures of you and Michael kissing so he can get back to Michael" she said I'm still looking confused

"He threaten Michael if he doesn't get back to him he will put the pictures on every locker in the school so the reason they got back together is just because Michael doesn't want you to look bad he says that he still love jake but this all is bullshit I'm sure he doesn't" she said

"So umm" i didn't know what to say

"What I'm saying is that You should admit your gay and that you and Michael like each other and should be together and that my brother should go fuck himself" she said i nodded

"Stacey?!" I said

"Yes ?!"she said

"Im gay and I like my stepbrother " i said I feel so comfortable now

"You ,you like me" i heard Michael's voice i turned to see Michael

"Oh boy" i mumbled under my breath


Double update today since i haven't updated since like forever i know and I'm sorry , I've been do busy but I'm back and i will be updating more often thanks for reading please like favorite and fan me love you all

~~ Jess girl

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