So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


10. your gay

Ashton POV

"Ashton ,Ashton Irwin,ASHTON" Mts.Blake yelled

"Huh what?!" I said

"I was saying you should stop day dreaming and focus on what we are saying" she said i nodded

Skipping classes ________lunch time

I walked in the cafeteria looking for stacey then I found her sitting alone on one of the tables i went over were she was

"Oh hey ashy" she said smiling

I don't know why everyone say she's a bitch and a slut i think she is nice

"Hey Stacey " i said smiling back

"So i heard your dad getting married in 2 days" she said i nodded

"And you have to make a speech" she said i nodded again

"Yeah umm so did you start writing"

"No i still haven't wrote any thing" i said

"Oh okay but can i please see it after you write it i really like to read them" she said i gave her confused face

"Dont give me that face i just love reading them because they come from the heart" she said

"And they call you a bitch?!" I asked

"Hey thats mot funny and not everybody call me a bitch" she said i raised an eyebrow on her

"Well at least you don't" she said

"Hahaha yes i don't because i know you ,you should show the people your nice and caring" i said

"No" she simply said i nodded

"Fine" i said we ate our lunch and talked a little

" hey is that Michael over there" she said pointing at Michael who was sucking face with jake

"And why are you angry to see them?!" She said confused

"Angry?! Pffft I'm not angry what make you think that" i said

"Well i can see your greeted teeth and your angry red face" she said

"Oh yeah its umm nothing" i said

"Okay then kiss me" she said i looked confused at her

"What is that supposed to mean" i said

"Just kiss me" she said

"No , i mean i don't feel anything towards you" i said she cut me off

"Or any other girl ,Ash its obvious" she said

"Umm what is obvious?!" I asked

"Your gay" she said i looked at her wide eyes i was about to say something when the bell rang she just stood up and left the table i was shocked and didn't know what to say.....

~~Jess girl

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