So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


19. what Luke want from me

Jake POV

I cant believe that my sister is dating the new kid Calum , there is no way in hell i will let her date him or any other boy i have to protect her from boys because they are going to break her heart just like i got my heart broken.

"WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING YOU CAN'T DATE NOW YOU STILL FUCKING YOUNG"i yelled in her face as soon as we got through the door our parents weren't home thank god because if they were they would be fighting and yelling

"Its not your business ,i can date whoever i wanna date and whenever i wanna date and you don't have the right to stop me" she shouted and stormed upstairs i can hear her bedroom door slam shut i sat there then the voice of my 'lovely' parents fighting ringed in my ear and front door opened they were fighting like always i ran upstairs and knocked on stacey bedroom door

"Hey stace they are home let me in" i said well here is the thing they don't spend much time at home they are very busy with their jobs but when they are home all what they do is fight and while they home me and stace spend time together that made us very close when i discovered i was gay she was the first person i told my parents knew i was gay when i brought Michael to the house

"Okay whatever come in but I'm not talking to you" she said

Then i got in to see 'buried with covers stacey'

"Listen stace I'm sorry i just don't want your heart broken like mine thats why i don't want you to date him" i said then she pulled off the covers and looked at me

"Listen Jake if my heart got broken then its my problem and after all your going to be there for me" she said

"Yeah i guess your right sis I'm sorry" i said hugging her when i felt my phone buzz in my pocket i pulled it out and checked it , it was a text from Luke it says

--meet me at the park now....Luke

I read it and put my phone back in my pocket

"Stacey i have to go okay see you tonight" i said she nodded then i kissed her cheek and left just thinking what Luke want from me....

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