So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


5. the night

Ashton POV

I closed my laptop and laid in my bed when i heard crying and a glass getting broken the voice came from Michael's room i went over to his room opened the door oh so he unlock it then ok thats good, the got into the room to see Michael sitting on the floor with bleeding hand

"Are you okay?!" I said he looked at me i saw his tears i kind off feel sorry for him he shook his head

"No I'm not I I I don't know who i am anymore i feel like i wasn't good enough i feel ugly and worthless" he said

"Your not ugly your a handsome guy that deserve better than that jake kid" i said

"You think I'm handsome?!" He said looking strait at my eyes

"Umm well boys i mean girls i mean gays find you umm handsome umm yeah" i said what the hell is wrong with me

"Okay they found me handsome but what about you do you think i am" he said standing up and walking slowly towards me

"Wow dude i was just kidding but REALLY" he said

I nodded

"Ok do you think you might be umm like me i mean you know.." He said i cut him

"Gay i don't know i hope not dad wont be happy about it " i said

He looked at me then he did something i didn't see it coming he lend in quickly and crashed his lips into mine i had wide eyes then he pulled away and said

"Did you like it?!" He asked

"What?!" I was confused

"The kiss did you like it" he said

"I don't know what just happen why did you kiss me" i said

"To see if your gay" he said joking

"Are you kidding me that was my first kiss" i said angry

"What hahaha your first kiss" he said laughing

"Im not kidding dude just stop it" i said then he placed his lips on mine again i pushed him away

"What the hell stop kissing me why are you doing this?!" i said angry

"Well first kiss i wanted to see if your gay but the second kiss is because i liked the first one and i wanted to taste your lips again" he said with a smirk

"Yeah but this is wrong and I'm not even sure if I'm gay" i said

"You are gay you just cant admit it to yourself" he said what did he mean I'm not gay i cant be

"Anyway get out i need to sleep well unless you wanna sleep with me" he said and smirked again

"No dude just stop it" i said he laughed and then i got out of his room and went strait to mine i kept touching my lips with my fingers did i like the kiss so i like Michael am i gay all this things was going through my mind until i fell asleep

Guys i know i told you next chapter will be longer but i didn't have time to write I was dealing with some college things but at least i write a little and don't worry I'm gonna update soon

Love y'all


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