So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


6. the fight

Ashton POV

"Wake up good kisser" i heard Michael's voice then i shock my eyes open

"Shut up what if someone heard you say that" i said covering his mouth with my hand he licked it i pulled it away quickly

"Ew this is disgusting" i said

"Okay so?!" He said

"Okay just get out i need to get ready for school" i said he nodded and got out

I dressed up in a skinny jeans a black T-shirt and a white converse i put perfume and got out of my room to face Michael

He lend in so he would kiss me but i backed away

"No dude stop doing this I'm not gay well at least I'm not sure " i said he smiled and walked downstairs without saying a word I followed him

"Good morning guys today after school I'm gonna take you to the mall so you can buy outfits for the wedding" dad said i nodded although I'm still not happy about all that wedding thing

I ate my breakfast took my bag and called Michael

"Dude come on were going to be late" i said

"Im coming good ki i mean good brother" he yelled damn it he came

"Dude watch your mouth they could've heard you" i said annoyed

"Okay okay sorry" he said ii rolled my eyes then we went to the car got in and he drove to school we got out of the car to be welcomed with jake

"Mikey please I'm sorry i was so stupid for doing this please forgive me i I'm sorry i cant live without you your my everything" he said to him

"Don't call me Mikey your not allowed to call me that anymore and back off I'm not forgiven you never" he said and walked away

"Michael please" jake cried but He was already gone

I went to my locker grabbed my books and went to science class to see that the only available seat was next to Luke ugh i wen there and sat next to him

"Hey" he said i ignored him

"I said hey" he said again

"I know" i said

"Ao why didn't you hay me back" he said

"Maybe because i don't want to talk to jerks like you" i said he rolled his eyes and finished what he was doing skipping to lunch i went to the lockers to put my books when i saw a paper in it i opened the paper and it says


So i went to the back of the school to see Mikey sitting there with his head in his hands

"Hey is everything okay" i said

He didn't say anything just handed me an envelope i opened it to see pictures of me and him kissing it was from last night my eyes widen then i saw there was a note i took it and it says

'Looks like the Fag got over jake quickly how is your friend oh sorry your soon to be brother gonna feel about this when the pictures going to be on every locker and door in the school' I read this and ripped it

"What the actual fuck are we gonna do there is no way in hell I'm gonna let anyone see this"i yelled

"Just calm down well think of something"he said

"How ,you destroyed my life its all your fault don't talk to me again" i yelled his eyes got teary

"I I'm sorry" i said he pushed me and walked away i followed him

"Im sorry okay the words just came out of my mouth without thinking I'm really sorry" he then stopped and turned around our faces were inches away he was so close to me

"Why don't you just face it Ashton your gay and you know that so stop convincing your self that your not and stop worrying about your dad and some stupid pictures so what do you have to say" he said i didn't know what to say so i stayed quit

"Thats what I thought " he said then walked away I sat there thinking of what he said until the bell rang.

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