So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


13. taco bell

Luke POV (i know wtf)

I heard that Jake broke up with Michael today its weird i mean why would he but nah i should careless because now he is available i mean i have a crush on him since i first saw hem at 7th grade and he just notice me lately and you know what happened so I'm gonna ask him out i hope he say yes ....

Ashton POV

"Again" Michael said i picked him on the lips again

"Again"i picked him on the lips again okay this been going on since we got home like 2 hours ago

"Again" he said i was about to pick his lips when the front door suddenly opened i pulled away quickly then Giulia and dad interred the room laughing

"Hi guys whats so funny" i asked looking at them

"Umm nothing" they both said looking at each other

"Anyway I'm going to start making dinner now if you want you can help me?!"she said we all laughed

"Im just kidding"she said

"So you don't need help"

"No im not making dinner at all ,I'm so tired were going out for dinner guys so get ready and follow me to the car" she said

"Yes yes yes were going to eat outside laradara laradara"Michael sang

"Wow honey your talking like you have never ate outside of the house" Giulia said i bursted out laughing

"Ha ha its not funny" Michael said

We dressed up and went to the car Giulia was driving next to her was dad and me and Michael sat in the back

"Shut this fucking radio up" Michael yelled

"Yeah" i yelled agreeing they been repeating the same damn song again and again and now its stuck in my head 'i love rock n' roll so put another dime in the jukebox baby' ugh

"Hey language and you could ask nicely " she said

"Well i did and it didn't work out" he said

She just rolled her eyes

"Okay we are here anyway" she said i looked from the car window

"TACO BELL YEAHHHHH " i yelled happy

We got inside ordered our food and started talking

Skipping time

We just finished eating

"Guys what you want for dessert ?!" Dad asked

"You can order anything I'm just gonna go wash my hands" Michael said

"Umm wait I'm gonna come with you i need to umm wash my hands too" i said then we both got up and went to the bathroom

Michael POV

"Michael we've been here since 10 minutes they gonna think something is going put your shirt on and lets go back to the table" ash said

Ok so heres what happen when we got in the bathroom we realized nobody in there so i pushed ashton into one of the rooms and we kissed more like we make out for 10 minutes so yeah and we should probably go by now so they don't doubt on anything

"Yeah your write come on lets go

"What took you so long"mom asked

"I had to pee" i said

"And i had to poop"ash said she looked at us confused but then shook her head

Skipping eating 'well the dessert'

Now we are at home me and ash went to my room he closed well locked the door behind him and pushed me to the wall he started kissing my neck i moan in pleasure he trailed kisses to my lips he started kissing my lips wait he suppose to be the bottom not me so i licked his lower lip asking for entrance he opened his mouth out tongues danced together when suddenly there was a Nock on the door we pulled away quickly

"Yeah" i yelled

"Michael honey i just heard that jake broke up with you , you wanna talk about it"she said

"Shit" i mumbled under my breath

"Umm no its okay well talk later" i said

"Ok honey good night" she said left

"Wow that was close" ashton said putting his hand on his heart

"Yeah, umm were were we" i said kissing him again


I feel so good today and i have nothing better to so I'm writing so much but its a good thing right anyway please like favorite and fan me also leave a comment thanks guys love you all have a good day or night idk beyyy

~~Jess girl

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