So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


16. sorry for your lost(we had sex)

Ashton POV

i was sitting is history next to Mikey when mr.demon interred the class with his head down thats weird he is the most cheerful and happy teacher

"Umm can i have ashton Irwin and Michael clifford" he said then me and Michael looked confused at each other i mean i don't remember doing anything wrong but we got out of the class anyway

We were now sitting in his office

"Michael ashton I'm sorry to tell you this but you know your parents Left this morning to do some wedding stuff" he said

I started chewing my lower lip i do this when I'm nervous

"Yes?!" Michael said

"Well at the way back they umm they got into a car accident" he said

Me and Michael looked at him wide eyes

"W-what happened" Michael asked

"Sorry for your lost" he said Michael broke down in tears i just stood there not knowing what to do repeating the words over and over in my mind 'sorry for your lost'

After a week .....

Its been a week now i feel a bit better from the first 3 days Michael isn't eating much he keep himself locked in his room we didn't left the house the whole week stacey and jake would come sometimes to check on us thats right jake is a good person actually he is more friendly now

"Michael i made us dinner" i said knocking on his door

"Go away" he yelled

"Michael please" i begged him

"Leave me the fuck alone" he yelled i hear crashing

"No I'm not I'm sick of this situation okay your mom died but you still have your dad all you have to do is to talk to him and what about me my dad is dead my mom is somewhere in the world married and probably have children's by now" i yelled crying

I heard him sigh then he opened the door now he is facing me tears from both of our eyes he hugged me very tight and we cried on each others shoulders then we pulled away he crashed his lips into mine and soon this kiss turned to french kissing we interred his bedroom still kissing we closed the door behind he put his hands under my shirt i did the same he pulled away slowly

"Are you ready for this?!" He asked

"Ready as always" i said he started undressing me i did the same not breaking the kiss then he pulled down his underwear

"Wow this is big" i said he giggled and yeah we did it we hade sex


Wow a lot happened in this Chapter if i had time today i will write more don't forget to like and favorite if there is anything you wanna tell me about the story just leave a comment

Have a nice day or night love you all

~~ Jess

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