So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


12. our little secret

Michael POV

"Jake i cant take it anymore" i said

"Take what?!"he asked

"I -i- i don't like you anymore i got back to you because of the pictures i thought i still loved you but i just don't feel it anymore i cant just keep lying on myself" i said he looked angry

"Oh i know you like this stupid stepbrother you have" he said i nodded

"Yes i like him i just cant stop myself i cant control my feelings"i said

"But i i love you Mikey i really do cheating on you was the worst thing I've ever done , and its not like your little gay stepbrother actually like you or something" he said

"I don't care if he likes me or not i will do whatever you want just please lets over this relationship" i said he looked at me

"Okay then your going to wash my car for 2 months" he said

"So its a yes OMG yes and wait just that" i said

"No also your going to tell everyone that I'm the one who broke up with you" he said i nodded

"Thanks" i said he just nodded and went strait to class i was going to class too when i spotted ash and stacey talking i went over there to hear ashton talking

"Im gay and i like my stepbrother" he said

"You,you like me" i said surprised I'm so happy right now

Ashton mumbled something under his breath

"Ashton i said you like me?!"

"Yes and i know this wont work because your with ja--" he started i cut Him

"No no I'm not we just broke up and i i umm i like you too" i said and damn you should see his smile

I pulled him into a kiss he kissed back

"Ahem"stacey cleared her throat we pulled away quickly

"sorry" we both said At the same time she laughed

"Its okay I'm so happy you guys are finally together but how are you going to tell your parents"she said worried

Ashton looked sad

"Right our parents" he said with his head down

"We aren't in fact no one well know it'll be our little secret and stacey's of course" i said they looked at me both nodded and we walked back to class of course we got yelled at from Mts.clarrinson CUZ we're late Put the rest of the class was normal and i couldn't stop thinking about ash i should probably ask him out tonight


Updated just because i love you and you are supportive thats it for today i 'might' update tomorrow if i had the chance love you all bey

~~Jess girl

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