So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


17. mine

Stacey POV

so this week a lot happened Mikey and ash parents died me and Calum now dating yes yes i know , and jake is now trying to stop loving Michael and Luke is trying to stop loving Jake , in my opinion Jake and Luke would make a great couple its just that my brother is blind

So me and jake were walking home from school now when he asked something I'm afraid to tell him the answer

"Are you and Calum dating?" He said oh boy what should i tell him okay i know your wondering wtf is wrong with me well here is the thing I'm known as a bitch right well jake made that thing up so no boy will ever come closer to me and yeah he clearly doesn't want me to date

"Umm i me and Calum?" I asked silly me what the hell should i say

"Yes i heard you are dating Calum" i looked at him wide eyes

"So what i heard is real , ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME YOU CAN'T DATE ANYONE" he yelled

"Jake calm down were in the street we'll take as soon as we get home" i said

"Oh yes we well talk and we'll talk a lot" he said grabbing my wrist hardly so it hurt

"Jake your hurting me" i said in low voice

"I KNOW" he yelled in my face then walked home holding my wrist and i assure you this will leave a mark

Michael POV

so today i finally got over my mom's death thanks to ashton and i finally asked him out and he said yes so i can call him mine its so good calling him that and tomorrow were getting back to school i think its better for us to move on also my dad is trying to talk to me but i refuse every time i mean he left me when i was a Kid and he finally remembered he have a son just because of my moms death ...


So guys I'm back to the busy me thats why I'm not updating much but i promise I'm gonna update as soon as i can love you guys

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Have a nice day/night

~~Jess girl

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