So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


2. Meeting each other

Ashton POV

Im ashton Irwin I'm 17 and im living with my dad he got divorced when i was 4 and my mom got married and moved to another country so i don't actually know her.

Im supposed to be packing now your wondering whys that well my dad is getting married to the love of his life Giulia clifford or whatever and we are moving to Sydney to live with her and her son great thats what i needed a brother

"Finished packing yet?!" Dad asked

"No , dad i dont wanna leave" i said

"Ashton we already talked about it your gonna love your new home Giulia is so nice you gonna love her" he said i dont wanna go but im going for him he spend his life just taking care of me by him self and i just wanna make him happy so i nodded and.finished packing

After 4 hours

Our plan just landed in Sydney and we are going to our new home now im a bit nervous i mean new house new school new people

"Were here" dad Said

I looked from outside the car window to see a beautiful house its even more beautiful than my old house i got out from the car to see a women and a boy with a red-black hair this is the weirdest hair that i ever saw but its kind out pretty on him

"Hey you must be Ashton" asked the women

"Umm yeah I'm Ashton"i said

"Nice to meet you Im Giulia and this is my son Michael" she said pointing at the boy

"Sup dude" he said

"Sup??" I never said that before thats weird But nah i mean nothing wrong with new words right

We went inside the house and let me tell you its amazing its like the best place ever

"Mikey honey why don't you show ashton his room" Giulia said and me and Michael went to my room

"Ok so this is your room" he said i nodded

"If you need anything my room is right next to you" he said

" thanks Michael" i said then he got out i opened my suitcases and throw my clothes at the closet floor hey I'm messy a lot and i don't like to unpack or even pack things anyway i sat on the bed and took my phone and started texting in me and my friends group chat We made it so i can connect with them ya know since i left after that i interred the bathroom i have my own bathroom awesome right anyway i took a shower dressed up in a sweatpants and a T-shirt brushed my curly hair and opened my laptop When i heard a nock on my door

"Come in" is said

Then came Michael

"Mom told me to call you for dinner " he said i nodded then followed him downstairs

We sat on the table while Giulia put the chicken on the table and we started eating and talking

"Michael honey i heard you and jake had a fight is that true"she said to him

"Ho is jake is he your frien.." I started he cut me

"Boyfriend, he's my boyfriend " he said what is that suppose to mean ohhh he is gay??

"Are you umm ya know umm" i don't know how to say it

"Gay yes i am" he said looking annoyed

"Its okay ashton now Michael whats going on between you and jake?!" Giulia said

"I don't know he have been acting weird lately I don't see him much and he been ignoring my texts and calls so we had a fight about that" he said wow that jake kid is mean?! I don't know but i mean he is his boyfriend he wasn't suppose to ignore him right?!

So dinner is over i went back to my room so i can get a bit sleep because I'm starting school tomorrow .

Ok so this is the first chapter of my new book i hope you guys like it please like favorite comment and follow me

Love y'all ..... :)


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