So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


9. just another day

Michael POV

"Im going to go out with you again but you have to burn the pictures" i said he nodded then lend in and kissed me i kissed back what i mean he is my boyfriend and i forget really quickly and i do love him truly oh please don't think I'm going out with him just because of the pictures i mean i love him.

Ashton POV

i was walking in the halls when i saw Michael kissing jake ugh why would he kiss him i mean he cheated on him

"Ashy!!" I hears a girly voice i turned around to see stacey

"He stacey" i said

"She looked at Michael and jake

"Aren't they the cutest couple" she said and put a hand on her heart okay i feel something inside Me that want me to go and punch jake in the face but instead of doing this I'm gonna show them i don't care so this happen:

"Stacey go with it " i said

"Go with wh..." Before she would finish i kissed her she kissed back quickly and i can feel Michael's eyes on us i pulled away

"Wow that was umm hahaha im so stupid in things like this" stacey said

"Really you don't look like that" i said she giggled

Michael POV

What the hell is wrong with ashton i mean he spoused to be gay like me and he was just eating stacey's face that bitch should stay away from him

"Bey Mikey" jake said

"What were are you going?!"i asked

"The bell just rang didn't you hear it we have to go to class" he said wow i was lost in thinking i nodded and went to my class we have history or as i like to call it we have the class that i don't know whats it about because i spend it sleeping so i went there and slept on the desk

Skipping classes ------ lunch

I sat on the table next to jake we were eating and talking when ash came to the room laughing next to stacey ugh he should stop before i punch him in the face

"Are you ok?!" Jake said i turned around to face him

"Huh what yeah I'm perfect" i said

"Really because you don't sound like that " he said i shook my head

"No I'm okay " then i turned around to see ash looking my way i quickly cupped jake's face with my hands and kissed him he kissed back as well

Skipping the day -----

Me and ashton were home alone

"So you and jake are back together" ashton said

"Yeah oh and don't worry about the pictures they are not exist any more" i said

"Okay and let me tell you something but don't get me wrong you are pathetic" he said oh no he didn't

"Excuse me " i said standing up and shooting him a death glare

"Yeah i mean the guy cheated on you and you just go back to him like nothings happening" he said

"Well at least i can actually say I'm gay in front of the mirror" i said

"Im not gay" he yelled

"Yes you are i can see it" i yelled back he shook his head giving me disgusted looks then went upstairs

After 2 hours

"Honey were home were are you" mom yelled

"Im right here" i said

"Hey so you know the wedding is after 3 days right" she said i nodded

"And you and ashton have to say your own speeches" she said i nodded

"Ok good" she smiled and kissed my cheeks

I then went to my room and felt in a deep sleep

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