So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


4. jake is a cheater

Ashton POV

skipping the school day----

Ok now I'm at the big cage waiting for Luke i feel stupid by standing here doing nothing so i decided to sit on a bench i sat then texted Luke saying I'm on the bench, when i heard a phone ringing i turned around it was coming from the back of the school i walked there to see Luke kissing some boy wait is that,Its JAKE Michael's boyfriend

"What the hell are you tow doing" i said walking toward them

They pulled away quickly and looked at me with wide eyes

"Please don't tell Michael"jake said

"He doesn't have to i already saw you asshole i cant believe you did this to me its over" Michael said behind me with tears in his eyes then he ran i followed him

"Wait Mikey its okay everything well be okay just please slow down" i said running after him he stood and yelled at me

"How the fuck is everything gonna be okay don't you see i just saw my boyfriend oh wait my ex cheating on me"

"I know but you should calm down everything will be okay" i said then his expression turned from angry to sad , he hugged me and cried a lot

I feel bad for him that jake kid is gonna feel sorry for this .

After that we just went home Mikey went strait to his room and slammed the door shut i know he locked it because i tried to open it but he always told me to 'go away' and one time he got really mad he just told me 'fuck off'i don't blame him for this he got hurt so badly

Anyway so its now me and him at home no our parents aren't home they Are planning all this marriage thing i don't wanna lie but I'm not happy about all that wedding i mean now i have to share my dad with a women and her son , well even thought i love those tow its just that i don't want this marriage and most of all i don't want to share my dad .

So i was sitting on the couch watching TV when i herd the front door being opened then came to the living room dad and Giulia with a lot of bags in their hands

"Hey were is my boy i want to show him my wedding dress" she said

"You might wanna sit for that!" I told her she looked at me confused then sat on the couch while dad went to the car to bring the bags that left

"Well today at school Michael saw jake kissing another boy and since we got home he went to his room and locked him self there" i said

"Oh my gosh he must be so broken my poor little boy" she said

"So aren't you going upstairs to see him" i said

"No"she said

"What?!"okay I'm do confused

"I said no because when Mikey get upset the inly thing that make him feel better is sleeping so ill just give him space so he can sleep then he would wake up better " she said

"Are you sure?!" I asked she nodded and said

"100% sure " i nodded then went to my room i write my homework took a hot shower and opened my laptop .

Guys I'm so sorry its so short but I didn't have enough Time to write more but i promise next update will be long

Love y'all .....

Jess girl :)

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