So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


14. jake and Luke

Ashton POV

"Wake UP DICKHEAD"i yelled at Michael what I've been trying waking him up since 30 minutes and he still didn't woke up

"Shut up ok I'm up" he said

"MOM MOOOOM MOTHER" he started yelling

"Shut up They are not here they have to deal with some wedding things you know since the wedding is tomorrow" i said he looked at me sad eyes

"What are we going to do" he said i sat next to him on the bed

"I don't know man" i said resting my head on his shoulder he hugged me and kissed my forehead

"Its okay we should not think about it its going to be okay" he said i smiled at him

"Okay anyway get up and get ready we have to go to school" he said i nodded and went to my bathroom

Jake POV

Well here I am sitting on the bench in front of the school waiting for Luke hemmings to show up and tell me whatever he want to tell me

"Hi jake" i heard Luke's voice i looked up to see him

"Umm hi Luke?" I said more like a question

"Listen i have to tell you something its very important" he said sitting next to me i nodded for him to finish

"Listen jake i have had a crush on you since 7th grade and i never had the guts to tell you and also you were in a relationship with Michael" he said

"Listen Luke i don't want to hurt your feelings but right now I'm not thinking to get in another relationship" i said he look at me sad then stormed of without saying any word i feel bad i didn't mean to hurt his feelings but its just the truth


Dont kill me i know short chapter but its just that today was my moms birthday that i totally forgot about and we celebrated but i promise next update will be longer love you guys

~~Jess girl

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