So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


7. detention

Michael POV

I'm just sick of how ashton is acting I'm so mad at him right now .

The bell rang its mean i have to go to class i have english ashton is in this class too everyone interred the classroom including the teacher but ashton is no way to be seen, ten minutes past and the door opened showing behind ashton with a grin

"Your late Mt.Irwin were you busy with something" ms. Richard said

"Oh yeah, i was busy with not caring" he said oh boy why is he acting like this

"Excuse me" she said

"You heard me old lady" he said i can see the teacher's red face oh she was angry

"Thats it you have detention for 3 hours after school" she said

"Okay with me its better than going home oh sorry Michael's home" he said

"Excuse me ashton" i said standing up

"Okay you tow stop it now" the teacher said

"Yeah i mean id rather be put in jail on being called your stepbrother " he said i wasn't thinking so i went there and punched him on the face

"Michael stop it you got detonation too " she said i rolled my eyes and got out from the classroom and went strait to the bathroom .

To see jake there smoking he looked at me and said

"What a good kisses you got from Ashton" he said my eyes widen

"It was you who sent the pictures wasn't it"i said

He laughed and nodded

"Yes it was me" he said with a smirk

"Listen i'll do whatever it takes so you give them to me and no one will no about them" i said his smirk got bigger and he said

"Cool then everyone have to know that we are back together"he said

"What do you mean" i asked

"I mean I'm gonna have you back and well forget about the pictures" he said

"I need time to think about it" i said he nodded and i went back to class the day went slowly and worse now i have to spend 3 hours in detention with ashton i just hope we don't get into a fight i kind of have feelings for him


I walked in the room to see ashton setting in the back there were 4 other people in here too 3 girls and one boy , one of the girls or should i say stacey was talking with ashton and they were laughing okay I'm so jealous right now i mean he is gay at least i think he's gay

I sat as far as possible from him and begin to right my homework

"Okay everyone can leave know its been 2 hours except for Michael clifford and ashton Irwin your staying one more hour" the teacher said "oh and I'm going to do something important be back in 20 minutes don't do anything just stay in your seats" she said and left the room now its me and Ashton

"So i see you met stacey" i said crossing my arms

"Yes, yes i did" he said clearly doesn't want to talk to me i nodded and turned back to what i was doing

Skipping detention

"Ashton were are you going the car is this way" i said

"Ha who said i want to be in the same car as you" he said

"Really dude are you still mad at me" i said he nodded and walked away i went to my car and drove home.

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