So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


15. calum meet stacey

Calum POV

"Calum honey come ob your going to miss your

First day at your new school" my stepmother yelled from down stairs

"Coming" i said grabbing my jacket then went down stairs

"Come and eat your breakfast and ill drive you ok honey" my stepmother Emily said she is the kindest women I've ever met and she is defiantly better that my 'mom' who left me and dad so she would marry the Rich guy when i was only 4

"Yeah sure thanks mom" yes i call her mom

"No problem honey"

Skipping car ride I just got out if the car to see the most beautiful thing i ever laid eye on it

"Doggy oh my god" i said running towards it , it was outside of the school

"I wouldn't get closer to him if i was in your place" yelled a girly voice i stopped and looked behind me to see a beautiful blonde haired black eyes girl

"And whys that" i asked walking towards her

"Umm because he is dangerous" she said ok you should know I'm flirty

"What about you babe" i said with a smirk

"I see what are you doing ' oh hey let me flirt with this girl that i met in front of the school that i don't even know her name' huh" she said acting like its my voice

"Well yeah but anyway my name is Calum"

"Haha your funny , I'm stacey" she said giggling

"Well you know stacey I'm new here so i meed someone to help me around the school" i said

"I would be happy but it comes to you because you are talking to the school's bitch" she said

"You don't sound bitchy" i said

" i know because I'm not even a bitch people say this because they don't know me" she said

"Well you should prove them your not"i said she shook her head

"Nah I like being the bitch" she said


I know i know I'm making short updates but I'm so damn busy and tired thats why sorry , but as soon as I have time I'm gonna update several times at the same day anyway thanks for reading have a nice day

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