So im gay?!

"I cant believe I'm in love with my step brother , but , but I'm a boy"


3. at school

Ashton POV

i woke up to the SWEET sound of my alarm clock ugh , i went to my bathroom my bathroom i love saying that i mean its so good to have your own bathroom but i would trait all iff this just to go back to my old life and old friends

So i brushed my teeth brushed my hair dressed up and put some no a lot of perfume what i love perfume then went down stairs

"Morning honey"Giulia said

"Morning" i said then pour some tea in my cup and started drinking it while Michael came running downstairs

"Come on dude move your butt were gonna get late" he said

"What its only 7:50 we still have one hour and 10 minutes " i said

"No we have ten minutes i don't know your school time there but here we start at 8:00 so hurry" he said then i stood up

"How are we going?!" I asked

"In my car duh no come on" he said i nodded then followed him

"We sat in his blue car blue its my favorite color

Skipping the car ride we are now outside the school

"You want me to hold your hand you know since its the first day and you might be nervous" he said joking i punch him playful on his shoulder and we intend the school wow its bigger from the inside

"Let go get your schedule" he said i nodded then followed him

"Look ho is here Michael clifford what did you do know" an old lady well not that old she look in her 40's

"No i came here so i can help my friend well my step brother but still a friend" he said ok he is not that bad he consider me his friend thats a good beginning

"Oh how can i help you?!" She said

"I want my schedule I'm new here" i said she smiled at me

"Name please?!" She said

"Ashton Irwin"i said

"Oh well here you go ,you might want help ,umm troublemaker can you help him" she said troublemaker ?! Maybe thats his nickname

He nodded and we both got out if the room when Michael face turned from happy to angry what the hell is going on

Then he went over to a tall guy with black hair and green eyes i followed him what i don't want to get lost

"Why were you ignoring me jake" he yelled at the boy oh so this is jake

"I wasn't ,okay, i just didn't have time to i was so busy"jake said i can tell he is lying and i can tell he is hiding something i mean its too obvious

"Okay sorry i yelled at you" Michael said then he kissed him i felt this strange feeling inside me like i don't want them to kiss what why do i even care what the hell is wrong with me

"Umm Hey Michael i have to go to class we are already late" i said

He looked at me and said

"Yeah sure dude come on ill lead you to the class"

I nodded And we walked with jake with us

"Hi sorry to interrupt but Im new here my name is Ashton" i said to the old lady

"Oh your ashton the new kid i didn't thought you gonna look like this " she said ok I'm confused

"Excuse me?!" I said

She looked at me

"Well according to what i heard about you i expected you to have tattoos and piercings and black clothes" she said

"What ?!! I mean what did you heard about me?!" I asked confused

"I heard you were the trouble maker in your old school and you got suspended a lot of times" she said

"Oh thats why yeah well i font like this stuff anyway were should i sit?!" I asked

"You can sit next to the other troublemaker in this school since its the only available seat" she said

Pointing me next to a blonde guy with lip ring and blue eyes

"Hey I'm Luke" he said while i sat

"Im ashton" i said

"So you were the troublemaker back in your school" he said

"Yeah but inly for a good reasons" i said

"Oh anyway i think we are gonna be good friends" he said

"Yeah i would love to make new friends" i said he nodded and said

"Hey wanna come with me and my friend Calum to hook up with some girls?!" He said

"Yeah sure" i said

"Cool meet me after school at the big green cage" he said i nodded then went back to focus in what the teacher was saying its not that i actually care

Guys so this is for today i hope you liked it

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Love ya'll ;)

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