Please dont leave me, Dan

April is an 18 year old girl who has a drug addicted mother and an abusive father as her way of getting away from this she agrees to go to summer school with her best friend Hayley

When they got there they walk and talk and not looking Hayley walked in to some and fell to the floor and looked up to see a handsome young man who's name is dan.

What will happen between April and dan with they fall in love? Will they become enemy's ? Or just friends ? Read 'please don't leave me, Dan and find out what happens.


2. chapter 2

* 6 hour skip *

I awoke to a black room and the sound of my mother and father shouting and screaming at each other, no changes there. I got up from my blood- stained carpet and switched my bedroom light on and saw that I had dried blood on my hand. GREAT. My body was still aching but I had to see what he had done to me this time. I slowly walked to my bathroom, thank god we didn't have to share one because I was NOT going back out there, not tonight anyway.

I switched the light on and looked at myself in the mirror, shocked by his work. I had a black eye, my cheek was cut and so was my lip and the rest of my body was covered in bruises. This was going to be hard to explain to Hayley in the morning.

After cleaning myself up I went over to my wardrobe and changed. I put on a Baggie t-shirt and jogging bottoms, and went and laid on my bed and set my alarm for the morning so I could wake up on time. As soon as my head hit the pillow and I closed my eyes the darkness consumed me once more.

I woke up to my alarm ringing in my ears as I looked at my iPhone which read *6am*. I got out of my warm bed and grabbed my suitcase form underneath my bed, and slowly left the house not making a sound. I waited outside of my house for 1/2 hour before Hayley and her mom pulled up outside my house.

As I got in to the car both Hayley and her mom gasp with shock and looked at me, there eyes filled with shock and worry. " what happened to you April" " nothing I fell down the stairs" Hayley began to look at me suspiciously " I'm fine really let's just go" " ok" and with that we left for summer school.

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