Please dont leave me, Dan

April is an 18 year old girl who has a drug addicted mother and an abusive father as her way of getting away from this she agrees to go to summer school with her best friend Hayley

When they got there they walk and talk and not looking Hayley walked in to some and fell to the floor and looked up to see a handsome young man who's name is dan.

What will happen between April and dan with they fall in love? Will they become enemy's ? Or just friends ? Read 'please don't leave me, Dan and find out what happens.


1. chapter 1

"So make sure your all ready for tomorrow, 6am sharp, or we'll be late" "I know Hayley, I promise I won't be late, I'm far to excited" I said. As me and my best friend Hayley walked home together all we kept talking about was summer school. That was why we where so excited about. There was one problem though I hadn't told my parents. But there was a reason for this.

My mother had a drug addiction and all she does is shout at me. My father on the other hand bested me any chance he could. So I decided to ask the day before going, it might not of been the best choice I've made but it was the one I made. As we got to my house I said goodbye to Hayley and walked up to my front door dreading what would happen to me when I told them I was leaving for six weeks.

As I shut my front door behind me the stench of my fathers cigars filled my nose. I walked in to the lounge to see my mother laying on the sofa talking to herself, she was high again, which was no surprise to me. My father was sitting at the dinner table smoking one of his cigars. "I'm home guy" "shut up you bitch " my father shouted, I had to ask now.

"mother, father Hayley has got me a place at summer school and I agreed to go, but it's for six weeks" " you did WHAT!!!!" " I agreed to go to summer school with Hayley." With that my father got up from his chair and stomped towards me, his hands in fists. I tried to back away when he grabbed my long brown hair and threw me to the cold tiled floor and began to beat me. Kicking and punching me all over my body.

Over my screams if pain I Hurd my mother Laughing in the background. When I was just about to lose consciousness he stopped and walked back to his chair and continued to smoke his cigar.

I crawled my way up our wooden staircase and in to my room. Once in there I used the last of my energy to lock my bedroom door, I didn't want what had just happened to happen again, not that soon anyway. After locking my door I collapsed to the floor, finally losing consciousness.

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