The babysitter

Luke hates Bella. Bella hates Luke. But when Bella's parents go on vacation for a month and jade, Luke's girlfriend, breaks up with him. Will Luke and Bella become more than friends or will someone come and steal that from him


1. what now?!

Bella's POV

*beep beep beep*

My alarm tells me it's time to get ready for school. I hated who doesn't?! My best friend lily is gonna pick me up soon so I have to get ready. I don't want to go to school cause I would have to see Luke there with his slutty girlfriend jade. The sad thing is I live next door to him.

*1 hour later*

Lily is here to drive me to school cause I don't have my license yet.

"Hey lily!" I said to lily. "Hey, wanna skip school today and go to da club?!" Lily said giggling. "Uh sure" I mean why not I don't have to see Luke and jade, of course I'm gonna go!

~at the club~

There is like no one here! "Hey lily?" I say. "Yeah" uh, why is there nobody here?" I said very scared. "Idk, wanna just leave school should be done by now?" Lily said. "Sure." I said very happily cause I didn't see Luke today! Yay.

*at my house*

My mom and dad are in the kitchen sitting at our table. "Uh Bella come here for a minute." My mom and dad say together. Something must be wrong or something cause they only do that if something is wrong or I did something wrong.

I sat down next to my mom and she said " me and your dad are going on vacation for a month so we decided for you to get a babysitter...his name is Luke hemmings, he goes to your school." "What now?!" I say very angrily. "I thought you to can get to know each other a little more since u never talk to each other and I need someone to watch you." My dad said. " how can you do this to me, I thought u loved me?!" I said walking away angrily not letting them answer.

I walk up the stairs and go into my room. I slammed my door shut. I texted lily what just happened.

To lily

From Bella

Omfg!! I can't believe what just happened!!!!! Grrrr!

She texted me right away

To Bella

From lily

What happened did jade or Luke do something?!?

To lily

From Bella

No my parents are going in vaca and LUKE FUCKING HEMMING IS MY BAVYSITTER FOR 1 FUCKING MONTH!!!!

To Bella

From lily

OMG I feel so bad for you...well i gtg xoxo

I started to cry then I fell asleep. I am so mad right now.

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