The babysitter

Luke hates Bella. Bella hates Luke. But when Bella's parents go on vacation for a month and jade, Luke's girlfriend, breaks up with him. Will Luke and Bella become more than friends or will someone come and steal that from him


2. truth or dare

Bella's POV

Luke invited some friends over. Michael, Calum, and Ashton.

We played truth or dare. "Bella truth or dare?" Michael asks "dare" "I dare u to make out with Calum" "ok, hot stuff get over here and kiss me like you've never did!" I said and we went in a different room to do it. When the kiss got longer it got heated. By the end my shirt and pants were off and his shirt and pants were off. Omfg I almost had sex with Calum hood. He is sooooooooo hot tho. "Hey um Calum, wanna stay the night here?" I ask with a sexy voice. "Sure babe, anything for my girlfriend." He said. Girlfriend, I'm his girlfriend? Oh we'll he's a hot boy how could I say no to him? I just smile.

We get back to the living room holding hands "someone almost got laid?" Ashton said giggling. Luke was just staring at us with an angry face. Why is he angry? He hates me.

"She's my girlfriend now." Calum said. I love him. "Oh no she's not!" Luke quickly said. "Yes I am Luke, your not the boss of me!" I say yelling. "Your such a fucking slut, you know that right?!!" He screamed at me. I ran to my room. I got out my blade. 1 cut for being a slut 2 cut for being a whore 3 cut for Luke hating me. I hear a knock in my door. " babe let me in I wanna talk." Calum said.

I made a 4th cut, and it was to deep. The world started to blacken out and I fell.

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