The babysitter

Luke hates Bella. Bella hates Luke. But when Bella's parents go on vacation for a month and jade, Luke's girlfriend, breaks up with him. Will Luke and Bella become more than friends or will someone come and steal that from him


5. I'm confused

Bella's POV

I look at Calum and he is laughing his ass off. "I'm confused?" I say l. My mind says no but my body says yes. "Ur a dead man. Mr. Hemmo!" I say jumping on him. I started punching him. What am I doing? Suddenly my body froze. I just sit there staring at Luke.

Calum's POV

She is funny when she is 'drunk'. She stopped punching Luke and froze for a minute. I think she is not 'drunk' anymore. "Bella?" I say starring at her. She looks at me and said " where am I? Why am I on Luke?......OMG Luke what happened to you?!" She said practically yelling. "You that's what happened." He said pushing her off of him.

"What's wrong with him?" She said confused. "I'll explain later."...." Soooo what do you wanna do?" Said said look at me.thats when I had a great idea.....

Sorry guys!!! I had school and homework and studying to do. I promise to update more!!! Love you guys

~shelby xxx

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