The babysitter

Luke hates Bella. Bella hates Luke. But when Bella's parents go on vacation for a month and jade, Luke's girlfriend, breaks up with him. Will Luke and Bella become more than friends or will someone come and steal that from him


3. drunk Bella

Daisy POV

I'm at the hospital sitting next Bella. She has been passed out for about an hour and a half. I hear a knock on the door, it's Calum. He Are they dating or something?

"Hey Calum" I say. "Hey." She said shyly. Why is he shy. What happened to this punk rock bass player we all now and love? "Hey uh are you and um" I ask. "Well I don't really know. It's very a complicated relationship thing." Calum says sitting down on the other chair on the other side of the hospital bed. I see her waking up.

Bella's POV

All I see is a black room and I turn around and see something chasing me. I suddenly get out of my coma and sit up fast. I'm sweating and my heart is beating really fast. I see Calum and daisy sitting next to me.

"AHHH" I say screaming. Then I randomly fall asleep.

Calum's POV

I see the doctor walk in. "Um hello there" he said looking at me. "What is your relation?" "Um boyfriend erm-" I say and he cuts me off. "Ok well you need to take really good care of her. She is going to act 'drunk' for the next hour or two." Hmm a drunk Bella this will be interesting.

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