The babysitter

Luke hates Bella. Bella hates Luke. But when Bella's parents go on vacation for a month and jade, Luke's girlfriend, breaks up with him. Will Luke and Bella become more than friends or will someone come and steal that from him


4. drunk Bella part 2

Bella's POV

Daisy went home and Calum is driving me home. We are going to my house. I keep honking the car horn. I don't know why I'm doing that's my mind is taking over my body.

*at my house*

I run over to the door and scream "OPEN UP IM ROBBING YOU!!" I turn over to face Calum and see him laughing like crazy. "What?" I say confused. "You can't Rob your own house." He said giggling.

I walk in and see luke sitting on the couch. I walk over to him and slap him. "Is this the motherfucker who caused me to go to the hospital?!" I turn over to Calum and I see him literally on the floor laughing his ass off.

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