Guardian Angel (Ashton Irwin)

" I will never leave you alone " he whispered to me
" why do you care " I asked bitterly, he didn't answer me, he just pressed his lips on mine .


2. Tried and failed

 I woke up in a room surrounded by machines. the lighting so bright causing me to blink a few times my vision is blur " Hey " I hear a familiar voice, mom's soft voice I can't even reply due to my dry mouth

I look up at her and notice her puffy red eyes, and I could tell she's been crying, she breaks into tears the moment her eye catch mine . I feel bad for her but most I feel bad about my self I failed my first attempt " why honey, why did you do it  ?" she asks between sobs

I don't say anything, I just stare at her with a blank expression. I was supposed to be gone by now, I was supposed to be dead i wasn't supposed to be here I feel so empty 

" why did you save me ?" I ask her and I feel like I've just twisted the knife in the cut, i know i should not ask her this question but I still did

she schock her head and cried even more. " it wasn't me" she says between sobbs "sweatheart if it wasn''t your friend god only knows what would have happen " I frown my eyebrows at her answer. I had no friends who would save me

" what do you mean? what friend ?" I ask her

" I didn't ask him his name, his said he was your classmate and...god " she sighed heavily trying to calm her self , she apologized and walked out of the medical room I was in

i'm so confused right now who could he be and why did he save me, how did he even get in

a lot of question were tourmenting me, 

" you finally woke up " a nurse brust in 

I fake  another smile but deep down, I just want to scream 

" your lucky you know" she says chcking my heartbeat on the screen

" why are you saying that " I ask curiously

" well if your boyfreind didn't save you would be far gone by now " she said

" what boyfreind i don't have a boyfreind " I raise an eyebrow

" I tought he was your boyfreind, he seemed so nice and sweet "

" do you know his name? did he tell you something?, tell me about him " I attacked her with questions

" umm a quite charming guy around 19 probably, quite tall,  greenish hazel eyes dirty blond hair "

" I don't see who he could be " I smile even though i'm not in the mood

" I could never forget his face there's something about him " hearing her talking like that made me wonder who he could be, after all he saved my damn life

" interesting " I mumble " oh and by the way he asked me to give you this letter , he told me to tell you to open it once you'll get back home " she said handing me the letter, why would someone sneak out in the house save my life and leavin me a letter? 

I take the letter from her and put it on the table beside me, she just smiled and left, I sighed and managed to sat on the bed still thinking of what happen to me the last few hours, 

but that was just the begining and I knew what was coming next, I will have to confront my mother and that's no good, she emotional now 

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