Guardian Angel (Ashton Irwin)

" I will never leave you alone " he whispered to me
" why do you care " I asked bitterly, he didn't answer me, he just pressed his lips on mine .


3. something odd




  After that the doctors said i could leave, my mom drove me back home, she made it clear    I was punished , she took away my phone along with my laptop, blades since she found out  that I self harmed, all the medicine that were in the bathroom,

 she's been silent the whole way " I didn't mean to ..." I tried to break the awkward annoying  silence between us, but she cuts me off
 " what were you thinking, is your life this damn miserable because i don't see why are you  doing that " she's yelled, I hate when she does that " your just like him you don't care about the  consequences, do you ? " I hate it when she compares me to my father i'm not like him i never  was never will " don't you compare me to him he's just a coward" I yell back at her
 she doesn't say anything back she just stares at me with a frown, I turn to leave to my room I  get up a few staires " you know what ? talking about dad at least he made it clear when he left  but you pretend to be here when your actually always busy and absent and now you wanna  blame him, no wonder he left you " I say halfway to my room I was , she mumbled something  back but i don't hear her i'm pissed off right now she has no right to punish me I tried to explain  myself but all she did was yelling if she has been around more often maybe she'd notice that  something was wrong
 I  got in my room, and lay on my bed I turn on the radio since it's the only thing i have left she  took everything
 I lay there staring at the cilling listenning to random tunes that were playing on the radio I then  decide to change the channel that's when I remember the letter the nurse gave me, she asked  to me to open it once i'm home no wait he asked her to say that, i didn't open it i've completly  forgot about it
 I wait for my mom to leave to work, she works tonight so she'll leave in a few
 I hear the door slamm and the car engine, she left, finally i can open it i open IT and I notice  that it contains a small note inside of it

 "you've bee given a second chance don't waste it, ps we're not all lucky to have second  chances "

what' s this supposed to mean, first he saves my life second leave me a note is this  some kind of joke ? this is so weird, I fold back the envlop  and hide it beneath my bed out of sight and out of  reach i don't want my mom to see it
 3 hours pass by now and I barley notice it's 20 pm i'm not feeling very hungry so I just sneak in  the kitchen and grab an apple, I check that the doors are closed and get up to my room again i  grab my book it' s a special book like a note book where i draw things on it ,emotions, feeling  just some random stuff really anything that crosses my mind, I used to love drawing it's the only  thing that can clear my mind whenever I'm feeling sad, I Grab a pencil and take a seat by the  window in my room, I try to draw the neighbourhood cause i'm out of ideas and bored as hell,  it's already dark outside the streets are empty only a few cars parked no one is out there, it's  so cold the wind is hitting on the window And I can hear the wood crack outside
 I start drawing the street and a few trees it's all in black and white i don't use clours, only black,  I've missed this feeling of drawing it really helps it's so peaceful and quiet, i go on with my  work , when i notice a man he's probably just passing by, but no he stopped, and he's leaning  against a tree staring at me, he's wearing a black skinny jeans a combat boots and a black  hoodie on I try not pay attention to him and continue my drawing
 10 minutes pass by now and he's still there staring up at me I can't see his face but I can feel  that he's still straing at me this is so odd it's 20:32 pm what if he's a psychopath or something I  turn off the light and go to sleep even though it's too early to sleep



      HI lovelies I really hope you will like this chapter, if you did let me know and I will update soon ;)    

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